Learn Why Resilience is Important for Entrepreneurs: AJ’s Interview on Canada’s Podcast

Quick Tips / December 15, 2021 / Thanny Schmitz

We’re excited to share the latest episode of Canada’s Podcast, the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs, featuring a very special interview with our CEO, Alykhan Jetha. Hosted by Philip Bliss, this episode is full of remarkable insights that will surely brighten up your day as a small business owner. 

Graphic shows Alykhan Jetha's round shaped photo at the centre. At the top, a title reads "Canada's Podcast". Below the title, a subhead reads "Canada's #1 podcast for entrepreneurs".

In this very spontaneous talk, AJ shares that, coming from a family of business owners, he longed to have his own business since he was 10 years old and that watching a documentary about eBay is what gave him the “itch” to create Marketcircle. The result of his entrepreneurial spirit is the development of Daylite and its path toward becoming a CRM and productivity app used and loved by thousands of small businesses worldwide. 

When discussing his journey as an entrepreneur, AJ shares that being true to yourself is one of his key learnings over the last 25 years and that there’s no right or wrong way to get work done, as long as you lean onto your own habits. AJ also takes the opportunity to highlight what he considers the most valuable advice for entrepreneurs and innovators: prepare your ideas, prepare your proposal, go out and network. 

When asked the words that define his experience as CEO of Marketcircle, AJ shares: symbiosis and resilience. He explains that being able to build a team one can rely on to accomplish great things is one of the most important things for any company to be successful, just like a symbiotic organism. In addition, he also reveals that resilience has played a big part in his entrepreneurial journey and that he stands for being able to learn from mistakes and move on. 

Pro tip: Discover more about AJ’s journey in the entrepreneurial world and some bonus insights on his habits and managing style. Listen to his interview in Canada’s Podcast – the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs.

This meaningful and insightful conversation surely provides a valuable insight on AJ’s path to fulfilling a life-long goal: helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow efficiently, which is something he does through the award-winning CRM and productivity app Daylite. 

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