Leopard Compatibility – Update

Scaling / October 25, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

We have betas of Daylite(3.6), DMI(2.1) and Billings(2.5.2) ready and we feel pretty good about them. We just want to make sure everything is cool on the final build of Leopard before we let them out. These releases are strictly compatibility releases, no new features have been added.

We had to do some heavy lifting in Daylite and DMI (as you can imagine), and we’ve been working on it since Daylite 3.2.3 (3.2.2 will not run on Leopard, neither will DMI 2.0.5). We know there are changes in the final Leopard and we hope none of those will impact us (unlike when Tiger rolled around last time).

If you must install Leopard right away because you have a case of AppleLatestSoftwareItis, you can contact our support team and get links to our betas for either product.

UPDATE: This is an inappropriate medium for support questions. Please send your support questions to support [at] marketcircle [dot] com and someone will get back to you. I’m closing the comments.

Until next time…

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