Lion Compatibility – Please wait.

Our Company / July 11, 2011 / Alykhan Jetha

Without a clear date of when Lion will ship, we want to inform you of an important, recently introduced, incompatibility. If you depend on Daylite or Billings Pro (Self Serve) for your business, you should wait to upgrade to Lion until we give it the all-clear.

The latest GM seed (GM is short for “Gold Master”, which is how Apple labels their final version of a beta) of Lion has broken a couple of things and it affects both Daylite and Billings Pro (Self Serve). Billings is fine and we will release an update shortly (3.7.1).

Both Daylite & Billings Pro (self-serve) will not connect or sync over VPN or the Internet. They work fine on a local network.

Both Daylite Server and Billings Pro Server are not able to sync with Touch devices.

We’ve submitted the issue to Apple and it’s been acknowledged as a bug in the OS.
All the workarounds we’ve attempted have come up short.

Please note that these functions worked fine until the GM seed. We had other minor issues that we have addressed in Daylite, Daylite Server 3.15 and Billings Pro, Billings Pro Server 1.5.2. Neither of these versions have been released yet because of this new issue.

Considering this seed has been labeled as a “GM”, we are not sure if there will be a second GM (which sometimes happens) or if we have to wait for 10.7.1.

In summary:

  • Billings 3.7.1 works fine on Lion
  • Billings Pro 1.5.2 with Marketcircle Cloud works fine on Lion
  • Billings Pro 1.5.2 on Lion connected to Billings Pro Server on 10.6 on the local network works fine
  • Daylite 3.15 with a personal database works fine on Lion
  • Daylite 3.15 on Lion connected to Daylite Server on 10.4/10.5/10.6 on the local network works fine
  • DMI 2.8 works fine

If you configuration falls outside of this, please wait until we give the go-ahead.

Until next time

P.S. Our Lion compatibility page is here.

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