Listen to Our CEO AJ on the Tech-Savvy Lawyer Podcast, with Michael D.J. Eisenberg

Our Company / August 3, 2021 / Thanny Schmitz

If you’re in the legal field and want to elevate your legal practice and your everyday life with the use of technology, check out The Tech-Savvy Lawyer, hosted by Michael D.J. Eisenberg. In the 31st episode of the Tech-Savvy Lawyer Podcast, he invited our CEO Alykhan Jetha in his tech talk.

And because Michael is an Apple-savvy Daylite user, they discuss the new technologies Apple has developed for the iPhone, iPad, and the new M1 chip on MacBook, and much more.

During this insightful conversation, AJ shares the technologies that have helped Marketcircle go fully remote over the last four years and how he sees the future of technology moving towards expanding the capabilities of the iPhone and iPad. 

When discussing Daylite as a CRM and productivity app and how it differs from other web-based CRMs, AJ highlights that Daylite’s productivity-focused design helps small businesses get more done, thanks to features such as Daylite Calendar, Daylite Mail Assistant, working offline, and Task and Project Management, all within Daylite. 

Michael also takes the opportunity to share some of his favourite Daylite features, such as Activity Set, direct integration with Apple Mail, and Pipelines. He also shares a few tips on using third-party integrations with Daylite to keep track of deadlines and further advance on their Calendar Management.

Don’t miss out on this episode on The Tech-Savvy Lawyer Podcast – Understanding the landscape through a Mac Based CRM: My conversation with Daylite CRM developer Alykhan Jetha. Also, be sure to check out Michael D.J. Eisenberg’s blog, where he is dedicated to helping lawyers and other professionals in the Legal field with their everyday tech questions, discussing solutions and talking about productivity programs, processes, and ideas.

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