Looking to 2020: How CRM Can Improve Small Business Productivity and Team Efficiency

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Customer relationship management software, or CRM, can be a gamechanger for any small business.

From looking at your current portfolio of customers and seeing what their needs are to helping you gain an edge on potential future sales, using CRM software can be the push that any small business needs to get to the next level.

how CRM can help your small business in 2020

How CRM software can maximize small business efficiency

Once you’ve compiled a list of leads, whether they are generated through Facebook or they’re previous customers, it’s crucial to keep it organized in order to maximize your chances for a sale closing.  We compiled a list of the ways that customer relationship management software can help your small business achieve its most efficient output. 

Keeping all customers in one accessible place

The primary feature of CRM software impacts all businesses regardless of size. However, for small businesses, having all customers in one place can greatly benefit your ability to give personal attention to each one and make sure that you are aware of which customers have specific needs.

An additional benefit of having all your customers organized is ensuring that all of their information, such as points of contact, address, and services, stays up to date. Being able to access information like the buying activity of your customers is just one potential benefit of using small business CRM software, and can provide major insight into the needs that your customers have that you can serve to keep them happy.

Benefitting sales

Small business CRM software provides a number of ways to get to know potential customers, gain insight into what they’re looking for, and find out how they can fit within your small business’s portfolio. The right small business CRM tool provides the opportunity to update contact information of potential clients, ensuring that you send your emails and make your sales calls to the right people every time. 

While the long-term goals of your sales team will always be to find the right customers and close deals, getting to that point efficiently is essential so that your small business can sell to a number of different clients. Employing the use of customer relationship management software allows you to identify types of customers (such as high or low value), prioritize which ones to focus the most attention on, and keep certain contacts as the primary ones to reach out to. In turn, these features create a quicker, more efficient sales process that is effective for both your business and your customers. Consider implementing email newsletter templates in order to simplify your email process and send professionally designed emails.

Track trends and changes

In order to effectively and efficiently sell to your customers, you need to know what they are looking for and what type of sales pitch is going to move the needle. Being on top of trends and changes across the industries your business sells to is vital in making sure you can fit the needs of your customers at any given time. CRM analytics makes this possible through the many features that the software offers. 

Small business CRM software allows you to track changes in the markets in which your customers operate, meaning that you can access reports on spending or buyer behaviour of what your customers are looking for, and how it can address their current needs. 

In a particular company’s profile in your CRM tool, you are able to leave notes about what you heard directly from that company’s representatives on a specific phone call. Nothing gets lost during any forms of communication, or because someone on your team happens to be out of the office during the next sales meeting you have with a potential customer. All of the information regarding your sales targets live and breathe inside the CRM, making it easy for you to track the data you’ve received from a company over a period of time to see where they are trending next and how your small business can address their needs.

Help you find new customers

Obviously, sales are the cornerstone on which your small business grows and operates. But before the sales process kicks into gear, you need all the help you can get to source new customers that fit the profile of who your company should sell to. 

CRM software makes this process easy by replacing the traditional, time-consuming methods of tracking potential customers. Instead of sorting through numerous spreadsheets or backtracking through previous phone calls or emails, having all of the information you need about potential customers within the CRM can provide a needed boost for anyone looking to find new customers in a more time-efficient manner. 

Maximize customer value

All in all, small business CRM software can help you boost the value that your customers can obtain from your small business as well as the value that you can get from your customers. As an example, leaving a note under a customer profile in your CRM that is tailored to a customer’s individual interest, such as a specific type of gift they would enjoy around the holidays or a particular interest they have, can enhance the personal touch that your company can provide them and make them feel cared about. 

Remember that as a small business, you can highlight how personal your company is and how operating closely together with your clients and colleagues differentiates you from larger corporations by focusing on customer retention. Let your CRM be a tool you use to carry out the reputation that you build for your business and help your customers see this in their interactions with your employees. 

Small business, big solution

CRM software can change the processes of your small business for the better. When integrated with your other tools such as your backup software or your project management tools,  it can help you better reach your growth goals. Between making your sales funnel more efficient, allowing you to identify client needs, and keeping you more organized, customer relationship management software is a multi-functional tool that is a no-brainer for any small business. 

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