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Manage Inventory, Billable Time, and Rights Management All in Daylite with Daylite Sales Assistant by PureMac

News & Events  April 16, 2019  Kristie Holden

Want to track product inventory in Daylite? How about track time, quote, and invoice? Are you dealing with foreign or multiple currencies?

Daylite Sales Assistant can help!

Daylite Sales Assistant

Our friends at PureMac in Australia have been hard at work building a solution to help Daylite customers track time, manage invoicing and billing, manage product inventory, and manage multiple currencies all in Daylite so you can streamline your sales process.

Stop resorting to multiple systems and spreadsheets to perform standard operating procedures. Thought you could not get a system to deal with your unique processes? Daylite Sales Assistant can help you replace manual processes with more streamlined and automated operations . Let Daylite Sales Assistant handle pricing and inventory issues, approval and compliance issues, currency location issues – even digital rights management issues.

“Daylite and Sales Assistant has helped us effectively manage our complex product and production requirements across both Australian and Asian markets. Our team’s productivity and quality of work has increased dramatically since using Sales Assistant. It makes doing business so much easier.” – Steve Welsh, CEO of Weltrade

Manage Inventory

Instead of using spreadsheets to manage inventory, you can streamline the whole process in Daylite so you can:

  • Quote to all your markets worldwide
  • Quote in multi-currency
  • Build custom products from components in Daylite
  • Generate supplier orders
  • Track the project from order through shipping to delivery
  • Invoice the project and send to your accounting package

Track Rights Management

Photography studios and other businesses selling rights to their work can use Daylite Sales Assistant to:

  • Quote jobs worldwide
  • Manage different locations, currencies, terms, and conditions
  • Generate licenses in Daylite Sales Assistant and add them to the quote
  • Group complex quotes into relevant  groups (for example Photography Fees, Talent Fees, Hire Fees, Post Productions Fees, etc.)
  • Send the final invoice to Xero

Manage Billable Time & Retainers

Law firms and other businesses that track time can use Daylite Sales Assistant to:

  • Gather activities and bill them all within Daylite
  • See exactly which matters (projects) have time to bill
  • Mange retainers and invoices
  • Send to Moneyworks for reconciliation

Interested in learning more about how Daylite Sales Assistant can streamline your sales process? Visit PureMac’s website.

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