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Our Company / April 4, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

Finally, a long overdue post. I’ve been away on a personal issue for a few weeks now and by the looks of it, I will be away for a bit still. Mike and Aly have been running the day to day and they’ve been doing a fantastic job. I think I should be away more often :).
I’ve been working about 2 hours a day. Most of that time is spent on the future… And no I can’t reveal anything yet :).

While I’ve been away, the team has been growing and they have been working hard at gaining us some notoriety and awards for both Daylite and Billings. I think we have some really great people working at and with Marketcircle and those great people are attracting even more great people.

Ryan Faas has a great article in ComputerWorld on Mac OS X as an ideal platform for small business and I couldn’t agree more especially since he quotes us in the article ;).

James Gaskin muses about more small businesses switching to the Mac in this NetworkWorld article and what’s a Mac small business article without a Marketcircle product mention?

Macworld UK has nominated Daylite 3 for their 2007 Macworld Awards in the Business Productivity category. It’s nice to be noticed!

Macworld gives Billings 4.5 mice. Nathan Alderman states: “The program’s sleek interface is full of thoughtful touches, and despite its wide array of customizable features, Billings is rarely confusing or intimidating“. Nathan hits a sweet spot for us. We’ve been working really really hard to strike a balance between power/features and ease of use.

Both Daylite and Billings earned an “Editor’s Choice” award from Mac|Life. I think to have both our products as Editor’s Choice speaks volumes about the work our team has been doing.

In his Mac|Life review, Michael Shapiro highlights one of the great hidden gems in Daylite:
Incredibly key: Daylite supports multiple users over a network. Coworkers can share calendars, propose and schedule meetings, share a central database, and (our favorite) delegate tasks to others
Delegation is one of my favorite features as well – especially considering my very limited time at the office.

Here is Cathy Lu’s review of Billings in Mac|Life. Even though Cathy used an incomplete pre-release build, Billings got the “Editor’s Choice” and a “Great” rating.

Jeremy Botter share the following thoughts on Billings:

I’m picking up more and more clients every day for my web design business, and it’s looking more and more like God is opening up doors for me to do it for a living. I’m trying to get organized, especially when it comes to time tracking and billing, and I discovered Billings 2 last night and was completely blown away within 1 minute. If there is a better example of a highly functional, easy to use yet powerful application out there, I’m not aware of it. Within ten minutes, I’d set up three clients (by copying them from Address Book on my Mac) and the projects to go along with them, sent out an estimate for work on one project and designed a custom invoice template for Soundgruve. This program is amazing, and if you’re a Mac owner that runs a business from home, I would highly recommend getting it pronto.

Nathan Alberti also shares his thoughts on Billings:
The things that really sold me on Billings2 (besides the macZOT! price) was the system integration with iCal and Addressbook, it’s simple yet effective user interface and stunning output.

So this post turned out to be a totally shameless plug, but I’m really proud of the team and I wanted to sing their praises. What better way than to show what others are saying about their hard work.

Until next time…

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