Marketcircle Notches #32 Spot on the 2023 List of Best Workplaces™ in Canada

Our Company / May 2, 2023 / Thanny Schmitz

We’re proud to announce that Marketcircle is recognized on this year’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada list by the Great Place to Work® Institute, ranking #32 in theUnder 50 Employees” category!

Only 200 Canadian organizations are ranked in the Best Workplaces™ in Canada list each year. After recently earning our certification as a Great Place to Work for the first time, it’s safe to say that it is our honour and privilege to be featured among them on our very first try.

Image shows the Marketcircle logo beside the Best Workplaces in Canada badge at the center. White background with golden fireworks. Title says “We’re proud to be ranked #32 on the 2023 Best Workplaces™ List in Canada!”

Marketcircle has been named one of the 2023 Best Workplaces™ in Canada by the Great Place to Work® Institute, ranking #32 in the Under 50 Employees category.

In addition to the acknowledgment above, Marketcircle has also been recognized as Best Workplaces in Technology for 2023 in Canada! This new recognition is a testament to the hard work, passion, and collaborative spirit that defines our company and goes to show that we’re not just about creating an amazing work environment; we also strive to empower small business owners with Daylite, the best Apple-based CRM and business app.

Along with our team members, partners, and customers, we’re shaping a future where technology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, driving innovation and prosperity for all.

Image shows the three Best Workplaces badges side by side horizontally. From left to right: Best Workplaces in Canada badge, Best Workplaces in Ontario badge, and Best Workplaces in Technology badge.

It should come as no surprise that working at Marketcircle is a big flex. After all, we’re always raving about the many reasons why we love working here. That’s because Marketcircle is devoted to growing and cultivating a culture of autonomy and purpose, which directly reflects on our core values and how we remain true to our nature as a company and as a team.

Loving what you do and why you do it is key to leading a happy life and a successful career. For the last 23 years, Marketcircle has been committed to making that happen. “Our company is thriving, and that can be credited to the fact that we make it our mission to ensure every worker feels empowered, respected and valued.” said our CEO, Alykhan Jetha, aka AJ.

As part of our Great Place to Work® certification, the Great Place to Work® Institute thoroughly surveyed our employees on factors such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. We’re beyond honoured to have received 100% approval from our team members, making this achievement even more special to us.

“Creating a positive work environment and encouraging a healthy work-life balance has always been a priority at Marketcircle. Being included on this list just goes to show that happy employees make better employees, and knowing they’re feeling fulfilled is extremely rewarding.” – Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Marketcircle

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our team members. This achievement would never be possible without you!

Best Workplaces in Canada Award Ceremony

As a certified Great Place to Work®, we recently had the honour to attend the Awards Ceremony, the official recognition and celebration of the Winners of the Best Workplaces in Canada 2023. It was an incredible opportunity to get to know, network, and share ideas with companies like us, who are committed to shaping the future of work and creating the best workplaces in Canada.

Three people pose in front of a screen during the Best Workplaces in Canada ceremony. They wear formal attire and smile side-by-side. Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Marketcircle, stands in the middle holding Best Workplaces in Canada award.

Our CEO Alykhan Jetha, aka AJ, accepted the Best Workplaces in Canada award on behalf of Marketcircle.

Following the ceremony, AJ himself shared the milestone in a heartfelt Slack message to the Marketcircle teams, who are the true reason why we’re such a great place to work:

Screenshot of AJ’s Slack message to the Marketcircle team, featuring a photo of the Best Workplaces in Canada award in a black frame on a bookshelf, and the message “Folks, this award is for you!”.

How Great Place to Work® Institute Ranks the Winners

The 2023 Best Workplaces™ in Canada list is compiled by the Great Place to Work® Institute, the global research authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. In Canada, Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures.

The competition process to be ranked on this list is employee driven and represents multiple industries and sizes of organizations. Seventy five percent of each organization’s score is based on confidential employee feedback, from the globally recognized Trust Index® Survey. The remaining twenty-five percent is based on quality, quantity and effectiveness of the programs and policies which support their employees and corporate culture. This study offers a rigorous representation of the organization from an employee perspective, and an overall portrait of the workplace culture. Together, they provide crucial data relative to five trust-building dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

This year’s list captures the experience and sentiment of 150,000 employees, rolling out to impact over 500,000 Canadian employees.

Being on the list of Best Workplaces in Canada is not something we take lightly. As we continue to provide Daylite – the only Apple-based CRM and business app that helps small businesses around the world be more productive, execute more projects and build stronger relationships – we vow to keep forging powerful connections with our team members and maintaining a workplace culture that prioritizes the wellness and success of our staff.

Check out the full list of Best Workplaces in Canada 2023.

* Last updated on June 7, 2023

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