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Scaling / November 28, 2017 / JD

For small businesses, it can sometimes be hard to define exactly how to use Daylite. There isn’t a lot of time to think about workflows or best practices. They close the deals, complete projects and move on. We get it, but a Marketcircle Expert can help. By giving you the perfect business process, you can maximize Daylite and minimize the effort.

Marketcircle Experts

Daylite is a comprehensive bit of software. It allows you to set up and reproduce an almost limitless number of workflows and then adjust them as your needs change. This flexibility is great, but honestly, it can also make the Daylite experience a little daunting. So what do you do?

Maximize Your Potential

When you first speak to a Marketcircle Expert, they will first discuss the goals you want to achieve. This part is important because they have a lot of experience and can match whatever the scope of what you’re looking for. Whether it be a one time service or building a partnership that will last for years or something in between. They’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve agreed on the end game, they will review the different processes and operations that you go through both in Daylite, as well as things you aren’t doing in Daylite. They will look for things that overcomplicate, bottlenecks and search for things that reduce your team’s effectiveness. With their experience, they can see what can be improved and quickly find ways to do exactly that. In other words: They will find the processes that hurt you the most, and find out how to improve them.


A Strong Foundation of Data To Build On

Once they’ve found workflows which are detrimental to your business and discussed ways to eliminate them, they will look at the data you have around you. Information and data about your customers, sales, vendors and the like, just about anything that you can capture. They will focus on how to build you a strong, and forward-thinking foundation to how you approach data and ensure that this framework will grow with you. They want to make sure five years after using Daylite, you’re not kicking yourself for missing some important piece of data.

Ultimately, they will help you solve:

  • What information do you need to capture in Daylite?
  • How should you store it in Daylite?
  • What questions should Daylite be able to answer for you?
  • What information will you need in the future?

A Marketcircle Expert will help you define the types of data you store, why you’re saving it and how. This way, in five years time you will still know whether to use categories or keywords, whether to store additional customer information in extra fields or as forms and when to create an Opportunity for a lead. These are just a few examples of how a Marketcircle Expert can allow you to make better use of all the information you have around you and give you a foundation for the future.

Combine and Automate Your Workflows

Daylite can do a lot, and when you combine it with other software systems, you can say you’re maximizing your workflow in earnest. You can reduce double entry, smooth out processes and be more efficient with your time. Combining things like invoicing tools or mass mail services is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a Marketcircle Expert can do to make Daylite work for you. When you automate as much of the workflow as possible, you are giving yourself more time each day to do what you want. For example: connecting a website form to Daylite, you can automate the process of capturing new leads as Opportunities. Now you close the deal, finish the project and invoice the client without having to do data entry once.


A Marketcircle Expert can help you to achieve all of these goals. With their experience, they’ve learned all the Daylite tips and hidden tricks which make all the difference in your daily work. Want to achieve Ninja like abilities with Daylite? Find a Marketcircle Expert near you!

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