Meet Bob Rourke who uses Daylite to manage his consulting business

Our Customers / January 2, 2014 / Kristie

Bob Rourke provides commercial real estate asset management advisory services as well as consults on matters of team building and executive coaching through his company Limina Advisors in the Chicago market. Bob has been able to capitalize on his strategic alliances with real estate investors and operators developed over 25 years in the business of commercial real estate. His work over the years has included acquisition services, financing, syndication, the management of leasing and tenant relations, and carefully targeted property renovation. What Bob enjoys most about his job is that he’s able to give forward, help leaders reach their potential, and he’s able to gain as well as share wisdom.

Marketcircle: When did you realize a need for Daylite?


Bob Rourke: I started using Daylite when I moved to a Mac platform and needed something to manage my database. I have been a real estate broker and an acquisitions director of real estate for 30 years so I have a massive number of connections. I needed a database that was going to help me manage those contacts in a way that Outlook never could. I searched around and compared a few other apps. I started my trial of Daylite at the same time I tried a few other trial based systems. What was critical for me was that I had to be able to tie all my activity back to the contact. This included all e-mails, all my tasks and appointments so I could attach them to my main person of contact. It was clear to me that Daylite had this capacity.

Marketcircle: How has Daylite changed your workflow?

Bob: Daylite helped me to organize my workflow so now I’m thinking in terms of projects and tasks. I’m a consultant so the first step is to create an active project and then enter in the company and all individuals in that company that I’m interacting with. Then I’m able to tie in all e-mail interaction with them with Daylite Mail Assistant. From there I can set up tasks to perform and appointments and this is all handled through Daylite.

Marketcircle: What are some of your favourite features in Daylite?

Bob: The first thing I turn on everyday is Daylite on my iPhone. The home screen lays out all the things I have to do that day and all the tasks I haven’t accomplished yet which is extremely helpful. Then as I go about my day and think of new things to do, I add tasks and appointments to Daylite through my iPhone. What I really love is that it integrates with the Mac. This enables me to have real time control of my schedule so I can schedule on the fly. I spend a lot of time in meetings and in the car so it’s really important that I don’t have to crack open a computer when I think of a task or appointment. The system works so well that I can be confident when I open Daylite, within seconds I have everything synced. I love working from the laptop because it allows me to track calls on Skype through various telephoning options. While I’m doing this my iPhone syncs so as soon as I put a new appointment on my calendar on the Mac version, I get it synced to my iPhone. All of the synchronicity is very important to me and it’s all automatic. It’s happening in the background and that’s what I love!

Marketcircle: How has your experience been with Marketcircle support?

Bob: I have a lot of praise for your support team. Whenever I have an issue I send an e-mail to the support team and they respond within hours. By the time I finish one meeting and go to the next, I have a response with very clear directions of what i have to do. They are very well trained to troubleshoot the problems that I have. They immediately help me solve the issue or give me a link to a new version of the software to update if the issue is due to a bug from an older version. They’re very quick to respond and I really enjoy that. The support team members that I’ve been in contact with have been very helpful.





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