Meet Josh Olswanger, Owner of Thrive Web Designs & Billings Pro Customer

Our Customers / October 28, 2013 / Kristie

Josh Olswanger and his wife Bonnie are the owners of Thrive Web Designs in Boise Idaho, a company that specializes in custom web design, logo design and more! Prior to web design, Josh worked with clients in music production and recording. He got his feet wet in running a business and enjoyed helping clients grow their business. Josh saw potential for clients by servicing their needs and being a creative minded individual, the design aspect stuck out to him.


Josh Olswager: I like the fact that web design is creative and it also helps businesses to grow. To me, it’s the best of both worlds!

Josh began building websites for family and friends to build up a portfolio strong enough to market his services. Thrive Web Designs has designed website for various clients and industries such as photography, special events, fitness, health care, food & drink and more. Here are some examples of their work:


Thrive Web Designs has a broad range of clients, but a consistent quality of work. One aspect that has allowed Thrive Web Designs to be successful is the ability to adapt to any industry, which is why they prefer a diverse variety of industries for their client list.

What challenges did you face prior to Billings Pro that it has helped you with?

Josh:  Our clients are billed monthly and annually for certain services. Billings Pro has immensely eased the process of invoicing by reminding us when to invoice clients and setting up reminders for when the invoice is past due. This has made a world of difference. Before Billings Pro we used Micrtosoft Excel for book keeping and invoicing and it was a nightmare! Billings Pro offers a lot of check points to help keep the workflow easier and a lot more streamlined from day to day.


What made you choose Billings Pro over other apps?

Josh: I was looking for an easy to use system that wasn’t complicated and didn’t have a steep learning curve. I was also looking for a Mac invoicing software that did reoccurring payments and reminders when to invoice clients. Billings Pro is by far the easiest interface to navigate. It’s a nice design and very simple. I can check everything from my phone or iPad. The integration with the iPad is perfect. On top, Marketcircle customer support is great. Rahim is always able to help me with any questions or problems I have. I started out a Billings customer and when the products were streamlined I migrated to Billings Pro. Marketcircle offers the most tools and the most options to suite my small business needs.

What is your favourite feature in Billings Pro?

Josh: I absolutely love the reoccurring payments. That whole part of the software is incredible! The fact that Billings Pro reminds you when to send an invoice and when one is overdue has been a big tme saver. With the invoice and statement functionality you can receive a payment and send a statement in seconds. It’s quick and fast. It’s all about speed. If I’m spending 20 minutes on an invoice it eats up a lot of time so with Billings Pro I’m able to save a lot of time.

What do you enjoy doing with the time you save from using Billings Pro?

Josh: I enjoy  spending time with my family. We have a 5 month old, so most of our time and concentration is focused on her. I am a huge music buff, love to play music, listen to and discover new bands. I also am into running (as a hobby) and nutrition.


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