Meet Kevin Porter, General Manager of Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites

Our Customers / August 15, 2014 / Kristie

Many people enjoy the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites because it allows them to explore the heart of Toronto, and return to the comfort of a hotel just outside of the hustle and bustle. Kevin Porter has been using Daylite for three years to help manage the hotel and increase efficiency. We asked Kevin more about how he and his team members have been using Daylite.

Why We Needed Daylite
We started using Daylite to incorporate all the different components and systems we use in the hotel. We needed a better way to manage our client database, but we also needed a better way to manage our scheduling and manage our meeting spaces. Daylite was the solution we found that could incorporate all three. Over the years, hotels pick up bits and pieces of various systems. Daylite is a way to combine all the bits and pieces into one app.

Kevin_PorterWhat We Use Daylite For
Assigning tasks to different employees is a big part of what we use Daylite for. For example, I use it a lot to assign tasks to managers. It’s a central location to keep all of our clients from sales, our vendors, and anybody else that is of relevance to the hotel. There are a lot of interactions these days, so it’s is a good way to keep your information in a central location that is safe and not all over the place on individual computers. Then of course, there’s scheduling. It’s good for everyone, from a time management perspective to be able to view schedules for each other. Before scheduling a meeting with someone, you can see if they already have something on the go or if the meeting room you want to use is available.

Flexibility with Multiple Users
We have 13 people using Daylite on our team and everybody has their own level of use. For some, they only use about one tenth of its capacity and others use it in more detail. It all depends on the involvement of the person using it.

DV-hotel_receptionHow Daylite Helps Our Business
Daylite has helped our business by being able to amalgamate everything into one location. We don’t have to go searching for things or chasing people down for information. Daylite helps to teach people better time management, utilizing the schedule, assigning tasks, and coordinating projects. A few of us use Daylite for internal projects as well, such as website development. We can link all the related people, tasks and appointments to a project and organize ourselves through our project steps.

Exceeding Our Expectations
It certainly does more than I expected. We’ve been using Daylite for three years now. I would recommend it to others in the industry and I do. There’s a lot of companies that aren’t using anything for time management. Daylite helps with time management and allows us to be more efficient.

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