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Our Customers / September 16, 2013 / Kristie

Mark McClung is the owner/broker of  Love Your Hood, a real estate/brokerage firm in Denver, Colorado. Love Your Hoodp has a broad range of services including residential for buying and selling, commercial real estate, property management for owners, and tenant representation. Mark discussed how Daylite helps him to get things done more efficiently, and even makes him look like a rockstar when it comes to remembering things.

MC: What do you do differently than other real estate and brokerage firms?

Mark McClung: The level of service that we provide is different than our competition. We kick it up a notch when it comes to marketing. We invest money in all our listings to get professional photography, videography and staging. To gain maximum exposure, we invest money in online marketing. You can either embrace technology or get run over by it.

MC: What do you feel is most important to be a successful real estate agent?


MM: Definitely organization and that’s what Daylite helps us with. Daylite helps us to stay on top of contacts and tasks. When we say we will follow-up with someone, we keep that promise. We follow through so that when someone asks us to do something, it gets done.

MC: What do you enjoy most about being in real estate?

MM: The client interaction and helping clients to succeed at their goals and objectives is definitely number one.

MC: How do you use Daylite to help your workflow?

MM: First of all, the calendar is key. Without it I’d be a mess. I put any clients into a project whether it is buying, selling or a commercial deal. I use DMA to link any and all interaction with that client. I can connect e-mails to any project, phone call or appointment that relates to each client. This way if I’m dealing with a client and an issue arises six months later, I can pull up all of that information. This makes you look like a rock star when it comes to remembering things!

MC: What is your favourite time saver in Daylite?

MM: Being able to create groups and e-mail groups is a big time saver for me. It makes communication between all board members easy. With each project I can create a pipeline that I can walk through and track each transaction. It helps our coordinator to stay on the same page. I can show where we are, what’s been completed and what needs to be done. The information is all there, right in front of them.


MC: How has Daylite for the iPad and Daylite Touch revolutionized the way you do business?

MM: I use Daylite mostly on my iPhone and occasionally on my iPad. This way  I’m able to check my schedule and see reminders no matter where I am. I always like to set myself a thirty minute heads up for every appointment, so with Daylite it has basically become my assistant. I never commit to anything without first consulting my Daylite calendar.

MC: What is the next step for your company’s growth?

MM: We started hiring independent contractors because the business is growing. The next step will be to get all our agents to migrate to Daylite. We’re reinventing how brokerages are run and trying to go to a more virtual type of company. Daylite helps the agents to stay productive and grow their business, while maintaining communication between everyone in the company.

MC: What advice would you give to someone in real estate about using Daylite?

MM: Create pipelines to customize your individual needs for each transaction you do to stay organized. It takes time to develop but once it’s done it is a great tool that helps you to get things done in a timely manner and in a routine process.

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