Meet The Fresh New Face of Daylite on Big Sur

Product Updates / November 12, 2020 / Kristie

With Apple’s official release of macOS Big Sur, we’re excited to introduce you to the fresh new face of Daylite! We’re also happy to announce Daylite supports Apple Silicon.

Daylite Big Sur

After hearing feedback from you, our loyal customers, that Daylite was starting to look a bit drab and outdated, we took this opportunity to give Daylite a make-over for a more modern and sleeker look.

“As Apple refined the design of macOS, we took the opportunity to modernize and revise Daylite to feel right at home on Big Sur. We hope that all the little details – refreshed icons, more readable fonts, clearer toolbar layout, beautiful dark mode – add up to a more delightful and productive experience for our customers.”

– Fraser, Designer at Marketcircle

Dark Mode

Daylite now supports Dark Mode so you can avoid the bright glare of your screen when working late and enjoy the sleeker look. To turn on Dark Mode open your System Preferences on your Mac, select General and then click to switch between Dark or Light mode.

Bigger fonts and improved accessibility

We pumped up the font sizes specifically in areas like the calendar month view and week view. We made the fonts larger and bolder for improved accessibility. Daylite now also supports increased contrast. To increase the contrast, open your Mac System Preferences, select Accessibility, and under the Display setting choose Increase Contrast.

Toolbar and notifications

The Daylite toolbar has been updated and re-organized for Big Sur. The Notification pane has also been updated and now you can drag and drop the Notification window so you can move it around wherever you need as you’re working through your notifications.

Refined calendar view

Another area that’s been updated to be easier to read and digest information is the calendar. The appointments have a refined look with rounded corners, brighter colours, and the text is more readable. Now when you’re in the day or week view of the calendar (as well as the Home Screen), the location and details of your meetings are displayed.

Daylite Mail Assistant

Daylite Mail Assistant has also been given some love. You’ll notice a cleaner look that fits with Apple Mail on Big Sur.

New icons

The Daylite icons have been given a refresh to look cleaner and more modern, and you’ll notice the Daylite dock icon has also been updated to match the new look on Big Sur.

Daylite Big Sur updated icons

We hope you enjoy the modern new look of Daylite on Big Sur!

15 Responses to “Meet The Fresh New Face of Daylite on Big Sur”

    Lester Nelson-Gacal
  1. Beautiful refresh! Well done, everyone!

  2. Kristie Holden
  3. Thanks Lester! 🙂

  4. QRIO
  5. Thank You for this awesome update!!! ❤️❤️❤️👑🖖🏽🔥🌞

  6. Tony
  7. Looks great! Would like to see the “Home” tab in iPadOS more like the MacOS version, with Worklist and calendar items on the one page.

  8. Kristie Holden
  9. Thanks Tony, we’ve relayed your feedback to our design team 🙂

  10. Blaine
  11. How does the new design look when not in dark mode?

  12. Tim Stringer
  13. Thanks for a great update! I appreciate all of the attention to detail and Daylite looks and feels right at home on Big Sur.

  14. Kristie Holden
  15. Thanks Tim! 🙂

  16. Reto
  17. Nice update
    Finally correct umlauts, more speed and processed bug reports would be a much greater contribution to productivity, but they don’t sell so well.

  18. Bruno
  19. Thank you very much, great job 🔥

  20. Mark
  21. Looks nice. But how about a text option while using macOS. I can make a call out of Daylite but I can not send a text. Major pain in the neck!

  22. Kristie Holden
  23. Hi Mark, we’ll log your request. You can currently send text messages from Daylite using iOSXpert’s Fone&Text plugin:

  24. Andy Goundry
  25. Wonderful. Love how DL is growing 🙂 Well done everyone.

  26. Smiley Nesbitt
  27. Just wished it actually works. #frustrated

  28. Kristie Holden
  29. Hi, please contact our technical support team if you’re having issues.

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