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Meeting the Deadlines: 7 How-to-Tips for a Satisfied Customer

Executing on Plans  June 24, 2019  admin

If you are running a business and provide different services to your customers, you know how vital deadlines are. Deadlines are a source of pressure, but also keep you focused and dedicated.

If you want to keep your customers happy so you have repeat customers and referrals, it’s important to make sure that you meet the deadlines agreed with your clients.

“Time is not the main thing; it is the only thing”.
– Customer Relation Head, Ms Scarlett Turner from Australian Masters

An approach to comply with the deadline

So many of us find it challenging to meet the deadline. There could be several reasons behind the cause. It could happen due to lack of planning, or maybe because of not handling the work carefully, and it results in negative feedback. If you have faced or have been facing through such situations, you need to relax a bit, and just by doing some small things, you can retain your clients and stop them from moving away. There are essential, practical, and easy to adopt suggestions to meet the deadlines.

Let’s look at the few best practices, how to comply with each one of your project deadlines for progress.

how to meet deadlines and have a happy customer

Evaluate the requirements before commitment:

You will need to analyze and realize the complexity of the project before an agreement. Without knowing what you need to do in detail, settling upon a deadline is not a good practice. Take some time and look if all the resources are available to you or if you could reach the resources to complete the work in time.

Focus on the path you will be moving and the hurdles you will face while working on the particular project. Once you are done with all the necessary checks and are satisfied that the job is doable for you, you are now ready to make the commitment. Set a suitable time to deliver the work.

Daylite Tip: To get a good overview of the project, use a Daylite Form to capture all the needs and details of the client before you start the project. This way you can review them in Daylite while planning a deadline. Also, if you need to track time and resources on projects so you don’t exceed your threshold of allowed resources, check out the Time&Budget Daylite add-on from iOSXpert.

Break down the project into smaller tasks

Let’s have an example to quickly understand how breaking the whole project into the bite-size pieces helps us. What if you are required to develop an E-commerce website, market it, and bring in engagements? Your task is to bring in 50K engagements within a month. Initially, it might look a tough job to handle. However, if we divide this into smaller tasks, it will be much easier.

  • Programming
  • Graphics Designing
  • Marketing (social media networks, influencers, content, analysis, email marketing campaign)
  • SEO (blog writing, setting keywords, free tools)
  • Discount Offers

It might look achievable just by dividing the work into 5 more straightforward tasks. However, these can be divided further. It not only makes it easy for us to perform the functions but also to analyze the project progress smoothly.

Daylite Tip: To group tasks together, you can create Task Lists in Daylite to create and organize tasks together on the fly. Or you can create a Project Pipeline to group and order all the tasks within each major stage of the project. To learn more, check out How to streamline projects. 

Prepare a timeline using a Gantt chart

To plan projects and include dependancies, a Gantt chart can be used which allows scheduling the plan and tracking different tasks in the project via graphical illustration. With its horizontal elements, it represents broken increments of the total time required for the project. On the vertical axis, it shows a distinct task making up the whole project. It will allow you to keep an eye on the progress of every divided job and track the impact of any delays during the project.

Daylite Tip: To use a Gantt chart with Daylite, check out the Merlin Project Management integration. from LgoKnowledge.

Create a roadmap

Preparing a roadmap is something different from project planning. While making a roadmap, you list down your work-streams and develop a rough timeline of your complete project. Like the Gantt chart, it allows you to distribute the work in smaller task. However, along with the smaller tasks, it focuses on to whom it has been assigned. This is the best way to distribute tasks to your workers and managers.


Daylite Tip: To track your work in streams through a Kanban style view in Daylite, contact iOSXpert about their Daylite Kanban Board [Beta].

Build strong communication with clients

Always feel free to communicate with the client. Interaction removes confusions and helps to clear the misunderstandings. Always be transparent with your team members and client. Be polite and try to listen more. This is the key to effective communication. If you can understand your client, you can work accordingly with the requirements within the assigned deadline.

Do not feel hesitant to consult with your colleagues and take feedback constructively. It will remind them that they have work according to the schedule.

Daylite Tip: Link every email, call, note, and task to the client and the project to ensure you’re documenting every interaction. For more info on how to do this in Daylite, check out How to track communication with clients.

Keep yourself encouraged and motivated

Always encourage yourself to be focused and work hard. Keep in mind that you can do a hard job, and nothing is impossible, but consistency is the key to meet the deadlines. There are so many ways you can keep yourself focused on the work through motivation, some are:

  • Remind yourself of previous successes.
  • Appreciate yourself whenever you achieve smaller goals. Work out a reward system for yourself.
  • Keep your client updated with the progress. It will give you inner satisfaction.
  • Build a healthy relationship with your team. Your productivity will be improved a lot.
  • Recognize the negative thought patterns and challenge them.
  • Think instrumentally, e.g., how achieving the task will benefit me eventually.

Show flexibility 

Sometimes the client requires more time. In this situation, there is a need to reevaluate and adjust priority list. Realize what factors are in your control. Often, you have to modify the time limit due to any reason like technology interruption, source limitation, client’s request, etc. Just follow a simple rule to be transparent. If such a scenario happens, communicate calmly with the customer or your team and eliminate the problem. It helps to increase your credibility and reducing false expectations.

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