New Daylite Plugin Now Available -ProductivityTools by iOSXpert

Product Updates / March 25, 2013 / Admin

Our partners at iOSXpert have just released an awesome new Daylite plugin to help further increase your productivity.  The ProductivityTools Plugin extends several features in Daylite to improve your workflow.

Some of the many productivity improvements include:

  • The ability to duplicate appointments.
  • Creating a new appointment for an existing task.
  • Sending tasks and appointments through email. Includes free configurable templates for appointments and tasks that can be easily edited.

Try ProductivityTools free for 14 days by downloading here. You can also buy now by visiting the iOSXpert store and save 50% by entering the code: PRODUCTIVITY50PROCENT


For installation and setup instructions please refer to the ProductivityTools for Daylite 4- Setup video.

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    Jorge N.
  1. First post complaining about price in 3… 2… 1…

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