New In ProductivityTools From iOSXpert: Daylite Zoom Integration

Our Company / April 11, 2018 / JD

When you’re running a video conference, remembering who is attending, when it is happening, and making sure everyone is invited is a chore. You need to a schedule a time, send the invite, remember when it is happening and either remember to send the conference link or just call and hope someone answers. iOSXpert has solved this with Daylite Zoom Integration.


With Daylite Zoom Integration you can create a new Zoom meeting directly in the Daylite appointment window with a single click. Invited persons will automatically receive an e-mail with the dial-in information directly from Daylite straight from Zoom.

Daylite & Zoom integration is an ideal add-on to Daylite for anyone who manages conferences, training or presentations with up to 100 participants. It offers video, audio, and screen sharing on the Mac, Windows and iOS devices so you can conference with just about anyone.

Avoid the hassle of booking a video conference and take a look at ProductivityTools with Daylite Zoom Integration by iOSXpert.


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