New in Web&Map from iOSXpert: Automatic Address Capture

Our Company / September 12, 2019 / Kristie

Keeping your client’s information up to date is a necessary part of business, but it can be an annoying and error-prone task. Now, you can forget the tedious address entry and possible errors!

Daylite CRM with iOSXpert Web&Map plugin showing Apple Maps

With the latest update of iOSXpert’s Web&Map plugin, when you’re creating a new Company in Daylite you can directly search Apple Maps for the address and with just one click, you can transfer the address, phone numbers, and URL right into Daylite. If you have any incomplete or partial addresses, Web&Map can help with that, too! Never worry you may have an out of date or incomplete address again. 

daylite crm iosxpert web&map gif apple

Along with this update, iOSXpert has also improved map functionality. You can now search for addresses directly in the map area of Web&Map. Choose whether you want to use Daylite or the web for your search. Do you have on-site appointments you’d like to display on a map? Now you can also add coordinates to your appointments to optimize your route planning! 

Get efficient and get more done with Web&Map from iOSXpert! 

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