New PDF2Daylite plugin from iOSXpert

Product Updates / April 16, 2015 / Kristie

Need to attach documents as digital files in Daylite and be able to search for content in the attached file? This new plugin from iOSXpert called PDF2Daylite can make it possible. From using a scanner that supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert the text content of he PDF into a readable format, you can scan a document and attach it as a note in Daylite. With PDF2Daylite you can now find content from the attached PDF using your Daylite search bar.

PDF2Daylite will save your scanned PDFs as a note and organize them in a SmartList so you can easily see all your scanned documents in one place. You can link that note (the scanned PDF) to related contacts, projects, and tasks for your reference. It also adds the keyword “PDF2Daylite” to the note. If you need to find a specific PDF, simply use the Daylite search bar as you normally would to search through text in your objects. Daylite will be able to find text within the PDF and organize it as part of the Notes section so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.



If you’re using ScanSnap by Fujitsu, you can take advantage of their Profiles so that PDF2Daylite is triggered right after the scan is complete. This way the document is automatically added to Daylite without having to drag and drop the file into PDF2Daylite.

For more information and to try this new plugin, visit iOSXpert’s website.

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