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Scaling / May 1, 2008 / Ryan

Brain Toniq

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Ohlgren myself at this years Macworld in San Francisco, California. What a lifesaver he was! After little to no sleep after a long night of preparation, Scott was there to save us all in the morning as we began the show. Little did we know our booth was in the best location of them all – right beside the free energy drink booth!

Scott came over to let us know how happy he was to meet us, as he had recently become an avid Daylite user. Every time I turned around there was a new case of Brain Toniq, the world’s first organic, botanical-based, non-caffeinated energy drink waiting for us. I was pleasantly surprised to have a few cans of Brain Toniq without feeling the usual side effects of energy drinks (no sugar rush, stomach or headache, bad aftertaste). For the rest of the week the Marketcircle team was kept alert, thanks to Scott. We even placed the drinks around our booth for our visitors. Since Scott loved us so much he gave us a case to hide in our storage compartment, which we made good use of after his freebies had vanished (which, if I may add, disappeared in the blink of an eye)!

Time for a drink!

Ryan Cash

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