New Time-Saving Features for DayliteDocs, Fone&Text, and Boards from iOSXpert

Our Company / March 17, 2020 / Emily

Our friends and partners, iOSXpert, have updated three of their popular Daylite add-ons with new features to help make you even more efficient!

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DayliteDocs for Daylite makes it easy for you to drag and drop files into Daylite and find or filter all documents associated with any item, like projects and appointments. Now it’s gotten easier if you’re always on the go or have just a lot of documents in Daylite to sift through!

  • You can now use Daylite’s global search to find documents by name, or by keywords included in their content! For example, you can search with an address, a last name, or specific words.


Fone&Text for Daylite lets you log phone calls, automatically track how long you spoke, gives you a way to take notes and create follow-up tasks, and helps you create a new contact record for any new clients.

For many small business owners and salespeople, constantly being on the phone comes with the job! If this sounds like you, there are many new Fone&Text features to make life easier!


Boards in Daylite allow you to visually get a quick overview of where your projects and opportunities are and the status of each task. Need to keep track of all the moving pieces of a project or opportunity? With the Boards add-on, you can actually see and manage all the steps involved as Daylite Tasks are turned into tickets on your board – and it’s now gotten even better!

  • Tasks(tickets) can now also be placed under the “No Tasklist” group if they are not associated with a user, priority, category, or task list.
  • You can now limit the number of tasks(tickets) displayed so it’s easier to keep an overview of your board

Cut down on the clicking and get more efficient with iOSXpert and Daylite. Do more and do it faster – learn more about everything you can do with iOSXpert add-ons for Daylite!

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