New Wufoo Connector Plugin- What Can Wufoo Do For You?

Product Updates / June 26, 2013 / Kristie

In a recent blog about communication, I mentioned the importance of LISTENING. As it turns out, it’s not just people that need help listening, it’s also our websites. Since our computers don’t have ears, collecting data over the internet can seem overly complicated. But there’s good news… it doesn’t have to be complicated! To help collect data easily from your website and sync with Daylite, is a really neat plug-in Wufoo Connector  developed by our partners iOSXpert.

Wufoo Connector is a plug-in for Daylite that integrates the Wufoo online forms service with Daylite. Wufoo is a form building service hosted in the cloud that allows you to create and customize forms and get this…without coding! Wufoo allows you to embed forms into your webpage as well as brand the form. Because Wufoo forms are completely customizable, you edit, add boxes, add pull down menus and more very easily!

Don’t want to customize your own? There’s templates that you can use to to quickly get started until you’re ready to customize your own. And when you’re done creating your form and gathering data, it even helps you to export that data into whichever spreadsheet software you use. You can generate graphs and reports with ease.

After the Wufoo form is integrated into your website, you can use the Wufoo Connector to sync the forms to Daylite. It will periodically import your online forms created with Wufoo and can trigger actions such as creating contacts in Daylite, delegating tasks, creating opportunities and more!

Check out this video iOSXpert put together about Wufoo Connector and what it can do for you!

3 Responses to “New Wufoo Connector Plugin- What Can Wufoo Do For You?”

  1. Nice! Great to see some excellent productivity tools being released.

  2. Can this connector also be used with Formidable pro ? This forms building plugin for WordPress is much cheaper and has comparable functionality as Wufoo.

    I used Formidable pro together with the import delimited text data menu option. A script-like routine would be interesting !

  3. AJ
  4. Willem, this would be a great question for the iOSExpert guys. Currently I know its wufoo only.

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