No internet connection? No problem!

Scaling / February 3, 2014 / Kristie

Hopefully you don’t experience this often…but I’d be willing to bet that about everyone has had to deal with their internet being down or a lost connection. You don’t really realize how dependent you are on something until it’s no longer there. The internet being a prime example. Technology continues to take leaps in advancing, but what happens when the main thread that holds it all together untangles? I’ll give you a little insight. You go slightly insane. Perhaps throw some things, yell a few words out that you hope your children won’t repeat. You get downright mad. Why? Because we’re so reliant on it. Things like checking your e-mail or being able to look up something in Google suddenly becomes impossible and you develop a whole new appreciation for everything that can be done via the web.


What you can still accomplish

It’s times like these…(we learn to love again) and start looking around blankly trying to think of things that we actually CAN do without the internet. We can still interact with other coworkers (that meeting you weren’t looking forward to may still happen). We can still use the phones, and we can still use native apps like Daylite and Billings Pro! Being able to work offline with Daylite and Billings Pro is a huge lifesaver when you don’t have an internet connection. You may not be able to check your e-mail but you can still review past e-mails stored in Daylite Mail Assistant before calling a client. While working on a project for a client you can still track your time or get admin work done like adding expenses in Billings Pro. This is all possible because both Billings Pro and Daylite store your information locally on your Mac.

Fear not my friends!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life takes away your internet (hopefully only temporarily), continue to get work done with native Mac apps. Maybe you’ll be inspired to take some time and have a closer look through your “Not Done” tasks in Daylite and actually get started on a few of those. If you follow David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology, you may have adopted the habit of categorizing your tasks as “@home”. “@phone”, “@offline”, etc. This way you can prioritize what you are able to accomplish in the present moment given your current resources. Don’t have a Wifi connection but your phone is still working? Sift through your “@phone” tasks and fire through all those people you’ve put off calling.

We may live in a time where we’re heavily dependent on the internet, but there are still many things that can and need to be done offline.

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