Quick Tip: Navigate faster with the Favorites key commands

Quick Tips / August 24, 2012 / Admin

Just like in Safari, the favorites bar in Daylite lets you store your most frequently accessed lists or views so you can quickly get at the information you need. Select “Show Favorites” from the View menu to reveal it. You can then drag any standard view into it, like the Home screen, My Calendar or the Worklist. Any of your saved Smartlists can be added here too; I keep one here that shows all my @email tasks. Or even individual records can be thrown up here, like notes, or opportunities.

Now arrange the order of these favorites so that the things you need most often are at the left of the bar. The reason for this is that the keyboard commands for these items are assigned based on its position. The left most item is set to command–1, the one next to it, command–2, and so on. Even if you are the most ardent mouse user, I highly encourage you to try to use these out for a week. Once your muscle memory starts clicking in, it will be second nature for you to hit command–2 for your calendar, command–1 for the home screen, etc.

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