Real Estate Agent Doing Things “The Oregon Way”

Our Customers / July 26, 2013 / Kristie

SZBRE Logo HZ White on Red BoxPortland native Sean Z Becker has been working with others to help them find their ideal home since 2004. Initially specializing in new urban developments, Sean started his career managing on-site condominium showrooms in the desirable Pearl District and Portland’s South Waterfront. Over the last seven years, Sean has expanded his reach, representing individual buyers and sellers of homes and condominiums while continuing his work with urban developers.


What is different about your approach to Real Estate?

Sean Becker: We do things the “Oregon way”. I believe this to be very authentic in that we are not mass marketing or using canned marketing materials. Everything we do is one-off and personalized. We make sure each client gets personalized and genuine attention. A lot of our business is done by referrals. We make sure everyone is over the top happy and this helps to bring us more business.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Sean: I enjoy getting to know people the most. When there are new people that move to town I like to show them around Portland and build a strong personal rapport with my clients.

What do you feel is most important in order to be a successful real estate agent?

Sean: For me I think it’s about being genuine and always working for the best interest of the client at all times no matter how big or small the deal. Being approachable is also important and not being selfish or having a big ego. You need to be easy going and able to talk one to one with the person. When you connect with someone on a personal level you’re more likely to do business with them because they know that you don’t see them as just a transaction.

How do you begin the process with your clients?

Sean: The first thing we do is assess the clients needs and desires. For example, for a home buyer we assess what it is they are looking for in terms of price range, school district, etc. We look for their needs and then drill down from there to find them a home that meets their requirements. In the case of a home seller there are different needs. They could be distressed and need to move quickly for a job transfer or they could simply just be downsizing. There are a lot of factors for as to why they sell so we need to find out these factors in order to help us position the home better for a sale.

Have you ever had an odd reason for why someone needed a new home?

Sean: I recently had an unusual situation. I had a client that ended up buying a condo directly below them. It was exactly the same home but one floor lower so that their dog didn’t have to go down the flight of stairs. This person essentially bought a million dollar home just for their dog. People buy for all kinds of reasons.

How did you find out about Daylite?

Sean: A friend of mine is a financial advisor and he heard about Daylite and mentioned it to me over lunch one day about three years ago. I started researching it online and got in contact with Marketcircle partner Cynthia Schaffer. She showed me how to get started and after working with her to customize it for my needs I never looked back. It’s part of my business every single day. Everything I need is there. Daylite doesn’t make you money right away. However, in the long run over the course of a year or two, you have something that is part of your business. You have to be willing to invest the time to make it work for you and be willing to adapt the tools into your routine.

How does Daylite help your business?

Sean: Daylite has helped our team grow by allowing all team members to see the same information and standardizing our sales process. We are now able to scale our business in away that would not be possible without Daylite.

We do a consistent monthly campaign to our database and before I had Daylite, I used Excel or Top Producer. I’ve used Lasso and Sales Force as well but I was never quite happy with them. When I was introduced to Daylite it initially took some time to set it up, but our workflow immediately changed.

We started sharing contacts and clients and being able to track when we last contacted our clients. We were able to really customize and find out how they came to us for example if they were a referral. We track everyone who is referred to us and who gave us the referral. Daylite offered this to us in a way that all the other programs didn’t.

What do you love about having Daylite on your iPhone and iPad?

Sean: In real estate you’re on the road a lot. Now when I’m on the go I can easily find a contact that I need, or make a task for myself or set a reminder. It gives the ability for me to be mobile and still have all that information at my fingertips. We are trying to be as paperless as possible and Daylite Touch is a mobile application with that paperless ability.

What is your favourite time saver in Daylite?

Sean: The short cut keys for creating tasks have become my favourite lately. I might be sending an e-mail and something comes to me and I need to start making tasks. With the short cut key I can make tasks no matter what app I’m using on my computer.

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