Release Policy Changes for Billings Pro and Daylite

Product Updates / November 14, 2012 / Admin

As of today, we are changing our new release policy for Daylite 4 and Billings Pro. We will be releasing first on our website and subsequently on the Mac App Store. We will submit updates to the App Store for review after the website release and hope for approval in a reasonable amount of time.

Releases on our website will be signed with our Apple Developer ID for your protection.

Since you don’t purchase our applications from the Mac App Store, but instead purchase licenses or account subscriptions directly from us, the implications of this change is minor.

You can download the updates directly from our website or download them from the Mac App Store once the newest version has been approved.

If you download an update from our website and it replaces a previous Mac App Store install, you will not be notified of updates from the Mac App Store. By downloading directly from us, we will be able to notify you of new updates as soon as they are ready for release. Our email notifications will have direct download links.

We recommend everyone join our mailing list for updates. Billings Pro Cloud customers are automatically enrolled when they create an account here. Billings Pro Self-Serve customers can stay informed here.

You can sign-up for Daylite updates here.


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