Marketcircle BlogReminder: Daylite 5 Support Ending September 30th
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Reminder: Daylite 5 Support Ending September 30th

News & Events  August 3, 2017  JD Mckenzie

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that on September 30th, 2017 Daylite 5 support will end, thank our Daylite 5 customers for their support, and give you more details about what this means and the different options available to you.

First, thank you so much to all our Daylite 5 customers! Daylite 5 was a significant milestone for Marketcircle, and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support and passion. We have been honoured to be part of the thousands of businesses who chose Daylite 5 to help grow their business.


 What This Means for Daylite 5 Customers

You will still be able to use Daylite 5 after September 30, 2017, but we will not be providing support or software updates. If you prefer to stay on Daylite 5, we suggest that you avoid updating your operating system as we can’t guarantee that it will be compatible.

We encourage you to Upgrade to Daylite 6 so you can take advantage of all the new features and receive assistance from our world-class customer support team. Anyone choosing to upgrade to Daylite Cloud is eligible for the Loyalty Plan, saving you 24%.

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