ReportSuite for Daylite from iOSXpert

Product Updates / August 9, 2013 / Kristie

Don’t you wish that you could have an overview of all the hard work you’ve done in a single document? Sometimes it feels like after weeks or months of hard work, all that is visually accomplished is a smaller list of work list tasks. Now, thanks to our partners at iOSXpert, you can use ReportSuite to print your histories in Daylite.

Customize your print layouts and print your history and activities of companies, people and even projects and opportunities in Daylite with ReportSuite. Print out a customized report of your work for a client including specific appointments, tasks, e-mails, projects or opportunities. Send a report to a client after the sale of a home or after the closing of a legal case. The process may have taken months but with ReportSuite you can compile it all into a single document for easy retrieval.

Features Include:

  • Display’s the person’s database (company, project, opportunity)
  • Complete Daylite history of an object
  • Details of each print layout are highly customizable

Special offer:
Buy the new ReportSuite and save $20,00 with the following Couponcode: ReportSuite082013
This offer is only valid until August 15th, 2013

Watch this video to view the capabilities of Report Suite- the individual way of printing histories in Daylite

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