Say Hello To Push Notifications

Product Updates / January 9, 2018 / Kristie

Ever delegate a task to someone on your team that’s urgent but they don’t get the notification in time? Ever opened Daylite and got a notification for an invite to a meeting that already happened?


If you or your team aren’t notified at the right time about an important task or meeting, you can miss deadlines or even miss out on opportunities to win business. Businesses world-wide rely on Daylite to stay updated on where they need to be and what they need to do. Now with Push Notifications, you don’t need to feel the stress of missing things and constantly opening Daylite just to see if you have any new notifications. 

Push Notifications alert you right away on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad when a new task has been delegated to you and when you’ve been invited to a meeting. As soon as you delegate someone a task in Daylite or invite someone to a meeting, it triggers a notification on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Now you can be confident that you are up to date and can act fast to changes or surprises in your day – even if you don’t have Daylite running.

Daylite Push Notifications

No more worrying about missing an important task or meeting because you forgot to check Daylite. Stay updated all the time and get things done faster!

“The feature was well worth the wait. It gives greater visibility to delegated tasks, meeting invites and tasks thereby increasing efficiency.”
– Yussuf Mwanza, Managing Director of MZA Planning

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