Should You Use Emojis in Your Business Emails?[Infographic]

Building Relationships / July 16, 2019 / Kristie

Happy World Emoji Day! For many of us, emojis are a regular part of our daily communication – but are they safe to use in business emails?

In fact, a recent study shows more than 50% of brands saw an increase in email opens when subject lines included emojis – but beware! There is a right and wrong way to use emojis. Learn how to navigate the emoji minefield below! 👇

infographic - using emojis in business emails

Transcribed infographic:

Should You Use Emojis in Your Business Emails?

A recent study shows using emojis in communication with someone you don’t know results in:

  • Being perceived as less competent
  • Not being perceived as any warmer
  • A lower-quality response based on the assumption of incompetence

But what does it mean for the 76% of American workers that use emojis in professional communications?

When and Why You Should Leverage Emojis in Emails

If you want to experiment with emojis, do it in an email subject line.

Good use of emoji, increase your open rate by 25% about 60% of the time you use them! Poor use of emoji, make a bad subject line worse and decrease your open rate by the same percent!

Know Your Audience

Don’t use emojis with people you don’t know very well, especially when being formal.

Do consider your audience. Some demographics may feel uncomfortable with emojis, or may not even know what they mean.

Think About the Message You’re Trying to Send

Emojis can get lost in translation. Meanings aren’t always universal. It can be interpreted differently by each individual.

Use Your Best Judgement

If your business has a relaxed culture and you want to show personality, emojis may be for you. If you want your business to convey certain level of formality, cut back on the smileys. Be consistent – if emojis aren’t common across your social media channels as well, don’t throw them in an email, either.

As always, there’s a time and place for everything. Every business is different, and you know your own best!

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