Sneak Peek: Push Notifications for Daylite Tasks & Appointments

Product Updates / January 2, 2018 / Kristie

If you delegate tasks to other people on your team that need to be done pronto, or need to know right away when you’ve been invited to a meeting, you’ll be excited about a new feature coming to Daylite.

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re coordinating tasks for your team and you delegate a task that needs to be done right away. The problem is, your team member doesn’t have Daylite running so they won’t see that task until they launch Daylite. Meanwhile, time is ticking.

Or how about this one? A team member bumps up the time of a meeting, but you didn’t have Daylite open so you don’t get the notification in time and end up being late for the meeting. 

Well, with Push Notifications, you and your team can stay on the pulse whether Daylite is running or not.

Daylite CRM Push Notifications

With Push Notifications, you’ll know right away when you’ve been invited to a meeting or a task had been delegated to you. Even if you don’t have Daylite running, you’ll get a notification on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad so you’ll always be on the ball and ready to act.

Exclusive to Daylite Cloud

Push Notifications will be exclusive to Daylite Cloud customers as it leverages new technology used in Daylite Cloud. Want the benefits of working offline with the added benefits of cloud syncing? Contact us about upgrading to Daylite Cloud.

We’ll be rolling this out to customers starting with a few today, so stay tuned for this exciting new feature coming to Daylite!

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