Stop Missing Deadlines with Blue Rock’s Project’s Task Schedule Report

Quick Tips / April 11, 2017 / JD

Long time friend and Marketcircle Expert, Blue Rock specializes in building custom reports for Daylite. The Project’s Task Schedule  report can help you meet your deadlines by visualizing progress through your projects and keeps important tasks top of mind.


One of Daylite’s core strength is giving you a way gather all your tasks for a project in one place, keeping you organized. Reports take it a step further by allowing you to customize how you view your all your projects, helping you get an overview of their progress and see where you’re falling behind.

Project’s Task Schedule from Blue Rock gives you a visual overview of your projects and gives you an easy way to see which tasks are opened, completed and overdue. With green and red colour coding you will see way how your progressing through your projects and if you are falling behind with just a glance helping you prioritize your workload

Project management is a huge aspect of staying productive and getting the job done. This report is particularly helpful for those with long projects lasting 1 month, 3 months and even longer such as Real Estate, Photography and Law Firms.

Interested in purchasing more reports from Blue Rock? Check out their product page and see what they have to offer. Can’t find that report you’ve been dreaming of? Blue Rock can help you build custom reports designed just for you!

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