Streamlining the Billings Product Line

News & Events / June 26, 2013 / AJ

Billings customers will be interested in two significant changes we’re announcing today. We’ve listened to the feature requests, and focused on how to address the feedback, with updates and support over the long term.

First, we’re streamlining our Billings product line, and today issuing our final update to Billings, now available on our downloads page. We’ve noticed most customers want the features in Billings Pro and it no longer makes sense for us to support separate feature sets for both Billings and Billings Pro. As such, as of today’s final software update, we have discontinued selling Billings and will continue to support it through June 30, 2014.

Secondly, starting today, we streamlined and lowered our prices on Billings Pro subscription-based licensing for everyone. The licensing to host Billings Pro Self-Serve on your own server and network remains the same, and our Partner Network remains available to offer one-on-one customized training.

For most customers, it makes sense to opt for our subscription service, with data security and SSL encryption, that automatically synchronizes Billings Pro on your Macs, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. So, starting today, we offer the following subscription plan options:

Billings Pro Freelance — $5/month (was $9.95/month)
Billings Pro Professional — $10/month (was $19.95/month)
Billings Pro Yearly — $99/year (an entirely new, great value option)

All current customers will automatically receive the new, lower pricing.

Finally, for our loyal Billings and Billings Pro customers, we’re offering a special subscription rate of Billings Pro for only $69/year, available through July 31, 2013.

 Our analysis shows that the new streamlined model should provide better platform options, and a better long-term value for you. In addition, the subscription model will allow us to respond to industry changes more quickly, providing more frequent, automatic updates and the kind of ongoing support that you deserve.

If you don’t know, or aren’t sure, that this model works for you, we encourage you to at least make sure you have the final Billings update. We’ve highlighted the benefits of making the switch and included instructions to migrate on a special Billings Page.

For further questions please visit our Billings FAQ and if you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info at, by phone or follow us on Twitter @marketcircle.

Until next time…

110 Responses to “Streamlining the Billings Product Line”

  1. Thanks for the update AJ and the billings team.

    I understand the move from a one time purchase to a subscription based system from a profitability standpoint and was annoyed, but not surprised to see Adobe make the move a few months ago. That being said, I would much rather pay per point release for my invoicing software every 2-3 years, than to have to pay for it every year no matter if I use it much or not.

    Will the current latest version of Billings work with OS X Mavericks our should I start looking for a non-subscription based billing solution to prepare for the upgrade to Mavericks?

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Griffin Stewart We’re currently testing the latest version of Billings with OS X Mavericks and will post an update in the next week or so.

  4. Marco
  5. “We want to show our appreciation for our loyal customers”…. are you kidding? Now you force us to find another billing solution. Billings Pro is not what small and one man businesses need. We don’t want and don’t need a expensive yearly subscription. We don’t need our bills in a cloud or on a server. And even the latest version still does not support fullscreen mode on a OS X 10.7 or 10.8 I am very disappointed.

  6. Griffin, the self-serve license for Billings Pro is still an option (see above); there is no need to go the subscription route if that doesn’t make sense for you.

  7. Gavin
  8. Billings cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. – Perhaps you might want to code sign the app so people are not met with messages like that? (Yes, I know how to open it)


  9. Emily Rudow
  10. @Gavin we are looking into this issue. Could you please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so? You can initiate one here.

  11. I’m with Griffin on this. I’m an office-based freelancer. I have no need for the mobile or team features of Billings Pro, so Billings suits me fine as it is. There is zero advantage for me in upgrading to Pro, either self-serve or on the subscription model. Even if there was an advantage, the ‘Freelance’ offering is far too limited at just five invoices a month.

    I hope that the current version will support Mavericks otherwise I, too, will be forced to look elsewhere. That would be a great pity as Billings has served me very well for a number of years.

  12. Like Griffin, I’m annoyed with the subscription only model. Your self-serve alternative is not the same as what Billings used to be:

    1. It’s way more expensive. And do I have to get a Mac Mini server now?
    2. It sounds like you need more technical expertise to get setup
    3. It contains features we don’t need. “Only the features we need” was a hallmark of Billings

    I’ve been a loyal user of Billings and I hope you re-consider the single market. Otherwise I foresee that I’ll just switch to a different billing software once 3.7.8 goes end of life or doesn’t work well with the next version of OSX.

  13. Peter
  14. There should at least be a discount for the selve-served version to loyal customers.
    Right now this is more like an eat or die situation.

    Actually just the price of the self-served version in comparison to the hosted one speaks for itself.

  15. Jorge N.
  16. Amazing how people can’t seem to be able to read past the second paragraph….

  17. Scott
  18. I agree with many of the commenters above. Billings niche was the one man freelancer, it was great. But shifting from a *one time* $40 fee to a *yearly* $60-$100, just doesn’t make sense for me. Yeah, the self serve is an option, at $200, over 5 times the amount of Billings currently. My two biggest concerns are that one we will get to the point where every piece of software I own is subscription based, and I can’t afford all those monthly payments, and secondly that we no longer purchase something, i.e. if I stop paying the subscription I don’t have any archive, or any working program any longer.

  19. AJ
  20. Scott, good question.
    We have the free account just for this. If you no longer need to generate invoices, you can drop to the free account (it allows for 1 invoice a month) and your data still syncs.

    We know many freelancers go in & out of gigs.

    If there is inactivity for 6 months, we’ll email you and ask if you want to delete the account. If not, no problem.

  21. Scott
  22. What does “Updated taxes” mean? I haven’t seen anything different.

  23. AJ
  24. On the updated taxes – we’ve updated the default tax values for a number of regions. Quebec for example has a new 9.975% rate. We also updated the app to handle those 3 digit tax rates.

  25. Jorge N.
  26. Yeah, nice bit of spamming there, @David M

  27. Billings is a great piece of software and I love it. I’d be happy to pay for upgrades from time to time. But will I switch to Pro? Not really, rather look for another standalone solution if my current Billings version stop working on newer Mac 🙁

  28. I restore my phone and find out that Billings Touch is no longer available for download. You mean to tell me that an app I paid fifteen dollars for is not even available as a legacy download? But I can download the the new Billings Pro Touch that won’t sync with my current version of Billings?

    I understand what you have to do from a business perspective but alienating your long time customers should not be one of them. Don’t support the old version but at least provide the option for those that want to remain on the platform.

  29. AJ
  30. Hi Jordan,
    Go to the App Store -> Updates -> Purchases. You should find it in there.
    We haven’t deleted the app outright in the store. We’ve just hidden it from sale, so if you purchased already, you should be able to download it again.

  31. Jorge N.
  32. (How to restore your apps)

  33. Thomas
  34. guys, seriously. i’m a one man show. for confidentiality requirements my customers imply i can’t have my bills on your server, but even if i could, i wouldn’t want it. the self-hosted server thing is way too much overhead for me.

    billings filled a niche, and it fit perfectly. sad to see it go!

    i didn’t purchase billings through the app store, can i please at least still download the dmg until i found a replacement?

  35. AJ
  36. Hi Thomas,

    Of course! You can definitely download the dmg, and use Billings until you find a replacement or until it stops working on a new OS. If you run into technical issues, our support team will be happy to help.

  37. CB
  38. Yet another freelancer who was devastated with this news. Billings Pro is not what I want or need…. Billings is!
    Looks like we will all just have to go to another application which is hard to find as I have looked at many and nothing does what Billings does for the sole trader.
    I’m with Kuba (and many others who have left comments here) on this one, I will keep on using it until it works no more but I WONT be getting Billings Pro.
    Sounds like Marketcircle are going to lose many of the small customers, but it sounds like that is exactly what they want.

  39. Robin B.
  40. Disappointing to see Marketcircle jumping on the SaaS model at the expense of its freelance and small business customers, such as myself. When I first bought into Billings several years ago, I did extensive testing of all the other products out there and settled on Billings because it truly was the best option at the time.

    Now, like many others, I will continue to use Billings until it no longer works and then go out and find an alternative solution – but I guarantee you it will not be Billings Pro.

    I refuse to give companies like Marketcircle control over how and where my data is stored, especially when they may well pull another bait-and-switch in the future by deciding that they’re not charging enough, and jack the rates up even higher. $200 to host it myself feels like a smack in the face, no matter how many additional features Billings Pro offers, that I don’t care about, and will never use.

  41. AJ
  42. Robin,

    Thanks for adding your comments. On the topic of our pricing policy, it is addressed in the Billings FAQ we posted this week, specifically:

    Q: How do I know you won’t jack up prices on me in the future?

    A: The price you sign up for is the price you pay. Period. The only way the price would change is if you changed your plan. For the plan you choose, the price in place when you signed up is your price. If the same plan is offered at a lower price in the future, you will automatically get the lower price. If the same plan increases in price, you will still stay on the lower price.

    As an example, our existing Billings Pro customers have already benefited from this policy.

  43. Thomas
  44. Will the final updated version be made available through the MAS? That is where I bought it originally.

  45. AJ
  46. Thomas,
    3.7.8 just got approved on the App Store. You should see the update tomorrow (in the updates area).

    Thanks for being a customer!

  47. John Evans
  48. Another one man freelancer who has been happily using Billings for many years and has been very happy with it. It does everything I need it to (and more). Nothing else comes close!!!

    I don’t need the extra features of the Pro version or the added yearly expense, even if you are offering a “discount” to loyal customers. I don’t need to host it on your cloud servers and the self serve option again still isn’t worth the extra outlay. I am very disappointed that you have chosen the greedy Adobe route into a subscription only offering.

    If I was a small company with even a handful of staff I can fully appreciate the benefits of the Pro version, but for me, working on my own, I don’t need it. I now have to try and source an alternative solution and re-set up my workflow to accommodate it.

    I hope that you listen to your loyal customers and reconsider your decision to go this route. I’d be happy if it stayed exactly as it is, but just continued to work with future releases of Apple OS. If not, then I too will be using it for as long as it works and then jumping ship!!!

    But then I guess the little guys that got you where you are just don’t matter that much any more.

  49. AJ
  50. Hi John,

    Thank you for your comment. We are glad Billings has served you well for years, and hope you continue to use it for as long as it works for you.

    To address the issue of what today’s freelancer (or little guy as you put it) expects: the feedback we have received overwhelmingly suggests a new kind of freelancer, one who expects access from multiple devices (1 or 2 Macs, iPhone or iPod etc…). Our free option and lower plan pricing were specifically designed with this person in mind, so they can get started for free or for as little as $5 a month. If it works for them, they can go yearly and save; but if it doesn’t work for them, they can move on before ever having reached $40. Not all freelancers expect access on all devices, and maybe you don’t, but the trend is clear (at least to us). That’s who we had in mind when outlining those plans.

  51. JimmyC
  52. Am cool with the decision… will you be dropping the ‘Pro’ from the product name now that there is no need for it?

  53. AJ
  54. Hi Jimmy,

    We did think about it, but thought it would lead to confusion. We’ll keep the “pro” for now and re-evaluate in the future.

  55. Nige
  56. Add me to the list of people not impressed by this move. I won’t be moving to Billings Pro either, and will be looking for options to move over to when it stops working. Nice that in the process I will lose my business records. Good work Marketcircle.

  57. AJ
  58. Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the comments, and while we hope you’ll put Billings Pro on your evaluation list to consider, and if you find that it is not for you, your business records can be exported from Billings by going to “all slips”, selecting the slips you want (or all) and going to File -> Export -> Export Slips to Text. All the generated PDFs are in Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Billings -> Database and all you clients are already in Address Book.

  59. Echo most of the comments above. I love Billings and I will be really disappointed if it doesn’t work with Mavericks. The main thing that I loved the most about Billings was that it was just standard desktop software that you could just buy and forget about. If I we are talking about a subscription model there are many better alternatives.

    Why can’t Billings Pro just be run locally? Couldn’t this just be a preference?

    Very disappointed at this news. Like many of the others I too will be looking else where if Billings doesn’t support Mavericks.

  60. By the way 100% agree with you Robin. I’d change the strap line on your home page as its no longer true. “We help small businesses grow with great Mac, iPhone and iPad apps.”

  61. AJ
  62. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the comments. Please see my response to John (and we will test it on Mavericks and let you all know).

  63. Hmm … not very happy about this announcement. Time to find another app!

  64. Bruce
  65. I just bought Billings. One of the reasons was so I could use the mobile version on the iPad and iPhone. But before I downloaded the apps you took them off the app store.

    You have removed one of the main features I bought Billings for, and this is not consostent with your statement that you will continue to support Billings until 30 June 2014.

    You’re not selling the product any more – why are you afraid of leaving the app on the app store?

  66. AJ
  67. Hi Bruce,

    For those that purchased in the last 60 days, we are offering to credit your account by the same amount you spent. Billings Pro includes the iOS version and has the ability to sync from anywhere, invoice from anywhere and view invoices from anywhere.

    See the FAQ here:

    It’s customary to offer a period of time of technical support once you stop selling a product. In our case, we are offering to do so for year, hence the June 30th 2014 date.

  68. Bruce
  69. AJ – I think you are missing my point or maybe you are intentionally avoiding it. I bought a product which included the feature of mobile use. After I bought the product you unilaterally removed one of the features. You need to think this through again. There is no shame in changing your policy on this.

    The mobile version for Billings (not Pro) should be available to everyone who bought that product. Put it back on the app store or make it available to those who bought Billings.

    Basically, you are not delivering the product that you offered and that I bought.

    From a marketing / PR point of view the way you have handled this is terrible.

  70. AJ
  71. Hi Bruce,

    Just to be clear. We didn’t delete the app from the App Store. We hid it from sale, which means that if you already purchased it, it is still available to you in the “purchased” section of the App Store if you need to re-download it.

    So if you already purchased it, then you should be fine.

    Unlike the desktop app, for which we can give you a direct download from our site, we have limited options on the iOS front.

    Hopefully, I’m not misunderstanding what you mean.

  72. Gus
  73. AJ,
    I am very disappointed with this news. I am another loyal customer that, not only has been using it, but has also been promoting your great product to my friends at school and work, for years. I was upset when Adobe went this route. But Billings is not a necessity, as the “Creative Suite” was. I will be looking for another product, when this is no longer compatible with a future version of Mac OS. To be quite honest, I will not consider this product for upgrading. I can understand from a financial point of view this making sense, as you get a constant flow of money. But from a customer service point of view, I think it’s a poor decision.

    Now, do I expect this or any other’s comments to make a difference or change your mind? No. I bet you made this decision and aren’t going to go back, no matter the outcry. Because ultimately it comes down to counting the beans. And that is undeniable.

    I suppose this is just a trend. We seem to be going back to the beginning of computing when everybody was stuck on mainframes. Then computers got better and we all have our own personal computer. Why do people want to go back to that model?

    Billings was the perfect product for me. The one-man independent designer. I am sad to see it’s days numbered.

  74. Bruce
  75. AJ – you have effectively deleted it for me. I bought Billings (a few days before you announced your streamlining) so I could use the mobile app. Then I bought an iPad and iPhone. Before I downloaded the app you hid it so now I can’t get it.

    I don’t understand why you would hide the app, at least not before you withdraw support on 30 June 2014.

    I really don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish by hiding the app. It is only of use to people who have bought Billings.

  76. Hi Marketcircle
    I don’t want to sound like a me-too here, but I will admit plenty of the above sentiment is true for me. Billings was a neat application that handled all the important things for a freelancer like me.
    But I’m always interested to investigate new software features so I read through all of the Billings Pro material and was surprised to find that Billings Pro does not include features like card transactions or direct debiting, nor does it offer to work with services that offer those things. Looking at systems like Xero (a more expensive service than Billings Pro) it seems like they have got all this covered already.


  77. Pj Smith
  78. How amusing. I came here just to quickly check on any news regarding Billings 4 and I find the exact opposite. I guess I guess I too will have to start to look for an alternative.

  79. tombie
  80. “the feedback we have received overwhelmingly suggests a new kind of freelancer, one who expects access from multiple devices (1 or 2 Macs, iPhone or iPod etc…).”

    That’s fine if people need that, but what if you don’t? Why should people who are happy with the standard version now have to pay every month for something they don’t need? Why not continue to have both options? I wouldn’t even mind paying for upgrades when new features are released, but it should be a choice.

    The only reason I can see for you wanting to do this is to force more money out of people, just like Adobe and their CC. They keep preaching about how it’s better for everyone but look at their Facebook pages and you’ll see thousands of angry customers who don’t like being forced into subscriptions.

  81. E.J.
  82. Add my name to the list of Billings users who are profoundly disappointed by this announcement. It’s ideal for my one-man freelance business — sometimes one invoice a month on a big project, sometimes ten for smaller gigs. A more complex subscription model just doesn’t make sense from my standpoint, nor does a $150 one-time fee for software with many bells and whistles I won’t use. I would have gladly paid, say, a $30/year upgrade fee to shift to improved versions of Billings with fresher, more easily customizable invoice templates, more fine-grained slip/client management, and better invoice/payment navigation.

    I know that the Marketcircle team probably had in-depth discussions and cost-benefit analysis about ceasing development of Billings, but I sincerely hope that user feedback will urge them to reconsider.

  83. Thomas
  84. Any news on the Billings update in the MAS? I can’t even find the non-Pro version anymore, not sure how it will be updated.

  85. AJ
  86. Thomas,
    You should see the update in the “purchases” section. If not, please open a support ticket and we’ll follow up.

  87. Steve
  88. I feel that I should add my voice to those that have already commented here.

    I only came here because I was checking on the latest version before tweeting a recommendation for Billings and I was shocked to see the news. I’m a registered user who bought direct from Marketcircle and I’ve not received any notification of this.

    I am a freelancer working on my own and I’ve been using Billings very happily for years. I don’t need or want to use it on multiple computers or devices as I work from a home office and just need to access Billings from one computer.

    So what do I do now? I can’t justify paying £129.95 just to keep the functionality I’ve already got but with a load more associated hassle of running a server version.

    Of course, I know that I can keep running Billings 3 until it stops working because of a Mac OS upgrade too far, but that feels like driving down a blind alley knowing there is a brick wall at the end, but not knowing when I will crash into it. It’s no way to run a business.

    It is a very sad day and once again, like the recent Adobe CC situation, I feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me as another software company decides that I’m no longer their target market.

  89. NOT happy with this subscription based model. Don’t go the way of Adobe: Greedy & ignore customer needs. Billings is just awesome software. I too would be happy to pay for updates for my current program…just not as much as the subscription. It’s way more. Are doing a few updates really that expensive? I understand you can’t support software forever without generating new revenue, but there’s got to be a “middle ground” solution and this isn’t it.

  90. I too was shocked by this news and at the same time a little annoyed. I certainly don’t want to pay monthly or annual fees for my billing software and would much sooner just buy the self serve license. However it doesn’t include major releases – so how much will each major release cost and how often do you expect to release them?

    Also, why if you are making the software available in your cloud can we not host it on our own cloud? I host several websites and I know how to setup databases and CMS driven websites, surely if we want the cloud features with the self serve we should be able to do that. Why is this not an option and would it be possible to make it so?

    I have been loyal to Billings for years now and I really think that paying £130 for the self serve is very steep and cannot understand why I wouldn’t get a discount on this, it is like we are being penalised for being self sufficient and not giving you a regular income stream. Like I said I have been loyal and purchased every major upgrade. I would be really peeved if I bought the self serve and in 6 months time you decided to release a major upgrade that was going to cost and extra £50 (I guess as I don’t know what your upgrade pricing structure is as you didn’t tell us).

    If you could answer my points above and let us know if we would get a discount on this as loyal customers that would be great.


  91. Oh and the more I look at it the Billings Pro isn’t that different to Billings. I can sync my data with my iPhone and my current Billings anyway, the interface and features look exactly the same, so what’s the point apart from being trendy and “in the cloud”.

  92. AJ
  93. Tom, multi-device (Macs, iPhones, iPads) sync and sync from anywhere are big ones. Another good reason is the upcoming iPad version. These have been huge requests to us for a couple years now.

  94. Apologies, they are appearing now, I would still appreciate a response though guys…

  95. AJ
  96. We are getting a lot of spam, so processing comments sometimes takes a while. Also, we sometimes need to think about the response. If you would prefer direct interaction, please email us at into [at]

  97. JP
  98. I, too, will stick with Billings as long as it continues to work, and I echo the disappointment of others expressed here regarding MC’s decision to go to monthly fee-based software. In this case, regardless of how many clients I serve, Billings Pro doesn’t make sense–especially on a fee basis.

  99. Matthijs
  100. Hi,

    I can’t upgrade to the latest version of Billings using the App store, as it tells me that the item is not available in the Dutch store. I can’t upgrade from 3.7.5 to 3.7.8 using the download link on this page, as I don’t have a serial number (I bought it via the App store….). Please assist me in upgrading to the latest version.

  101. LG
  102. I only do occasional freelance work, but sometimes invoice more than once a month…then none for 3 or 4 months. I’m not interested in paying $120+/year for features I don’t need either, so I guess I’ve got to find another solution. Has anyone found a reasonable alternative?

  103. AJ
  104. Lionel,

    You can be on the free plan during the months you don’t use it or the months you have 1 invoice. For the heavier months, you can temporarily go to the freelance plan and then back to the free plan after.

  105. Jorge N.
  106. Seems like people are getting a bad case of “selective blindness”. Or of “cheapstakism”. Maybe both.

  107. Paul W
  108. So AJ, according to your response to Lionel,

    I can sign up as a free user, sync all of my data as usual, for free.
    Then in the months I need to generate many invoices, I can simply upgrade to Freelancer (5 invoices) or Professional (>5 invoices) to send those out that month, then just as quickly switch back to a free account. Thus creating a pay-per-use situation. Does it in fact work that way?

    This seems like a pretty unnecessary system that most of us (who are sharing like-minded sentiments about the merge) will run into if we stay with Billings.

    What are your thoughts on that? And just how easy will it be to upgrade/downgrade your account? Can I do it freely, as many times as I like?

    What once was so simple, has now become a headache. Damn.


  109. AJ
  110. Paul,

    The answer is yes. When you switch to a paid plan, it is valid for 1 month. Just switch back to free before that month is over.

  111. Manuel
  112. I have been using Billings for the past 3 years, and love it (the reports section is a little confusing, but the rest is perfect).
    The problem is that I probably wont need a PRO account, becuase I dont need Cloud or sync, and dont like paying monthly fees, specially when the yearly fee is more that what I have payed for the app in the first place.
    I understand the change, but unfortunatly the only way I will upgrade is if its cheaper, and you localice the app to SPANISH! We have been waiting for a Spanish translation for years! now that you are charging monthly can we expect a Spanish version?

  113. Grégoire Noyelle
  114. Hi
    I was a loyal customer since the beginning. I recommend a lot this app to all my student. I’m just “happy” to know that I have still one year to find an alternative. I just need to tracking time and sync with iPhone. The cloud and all the pro feature bring me nothing except a new subscription. I’m done.
    When I read all the comments I just feel I’m not alone!
    That’s the second time I have to switch for tracking app. I really thing about making my own system. What a pity, billing was very good

  115. ckmaui
  116. I think maybe your customers who were asking for more pro features were looking for those features but in doing so I think you somehow did not realize how many used basic billings and were happy with it ?

    since many of us are silent and happy with it for the most part not only in price but features !

    kinda like when Coke got the great idea to change its recipe !!!
    I hope you realize your NEW RECIPE will alienate many folks and come back and offer two versions again a basic less expensive version and the pro version for larger companies who need more than single user features

    thanks 🙂

  117. Brett
  118. Add me to the chorus of users who do not want to be forced into a feature set and into a rental-only model that I didn’t need or want. You can talk about “trends” all you want, but from my perspective it just seems like a money grab at the expensive of your customers.

    Obviously there are a lot of people who use Billings instead of the pro version, and it sounds like you’re going to lose that revenue stream from most of them. Were the development costs of Billings really so high that maintaining it in parallel with Billings Pro resulted in losses? I find that hard to believe, as much of the codebase must surely be shared between the two.

    I hope you realize how many customers you are alienating before we all leave for greener pastures.

  119. chris mccoy
  120. very disappointed, bought this on the mac app store

  121. Devin
  122. Very disappointed.

    I bet you expected some balking at changing positions like this, but I hope you realize how cut off some of us feel. I was just looking at getting Daylight and really committing to Marketcircle, but after a move like this, you’ve lost my trust and I’m looking completely elsewhere.

    Yes, 5 years from now you’ll be making your money, and I’ll be making mine, but it’s just a shame that I’ll be pumping the numbers and data through different programs.

  123. Robbert
  124. This is a huge disappointment, what is the need for a pushed subscription overpaid cloud service?
    Did you guys do a customer research, I cant imagine that.

    But likewise the customer can go everywhere, there are or will come other companies to please this huge disappointment.

    Thanks for nothing and probably goodbye Marketcircle!

  125. Ron
  126. I found Billings after the online invoicing system I was using shutdown. Saved my data and went with a software system on my computer, only to have you do the same thing. Well back to Open Office and spreadsheets for me.

  127. Ron
  128. If I had wanted Billings Pro, I would’ve bought Billings Pro.

  129. Phil
  130. Nothing new to add except my name to the list. Very disappointing — had spend a lot of time testing many programs before choosing to go with Billings.

  131. Mat
  132. This is a nice comment:

  133. Allan
  134. While I certainly understand the allure of monthly subscription fees, your competition in that segment is such that we’ll move to a much larger competitor rather than risk being burned twice. Billings was the perfect product for our needs; we’re very, very disappointed that you’ve made this decision.

  135. Mike
  136. So the real replacement for Billings is the self serve version – but that is four times the cost of Billings.
    Or I can starting paying monthly – either way I get to start paying for something I already own.
    Or I can get the free online version – which I don’t want, then pay to upgrade every time I need more than one invoice. The per invoice cost is impressive.
    And this is benefiting me how?
    Given the feedback here, I wonder how many of us were included in your “research” – obviously it was only directed at Billings Pro users – bad data always results in bad decisions.

  137. Mike
  138. I would prefer a discount off the Self Serve cost – but that wouldn’t get you an ongoing revenue which is why it wasn’t offered.
    Even then we still end up paying yet again.

  139. Brandon
  140. As with many others here, I have been a user and proponent of billings for years now. I had looked at billings pro when it was first released, and of the two or three new features that it has, I need exactly none of them. I don’t have employees. I’m not so dependent on convenience that I need someone else to store my financial info for me. I chose at that time to not upgrade, as it is in no way worth the money in my particular situation (and for many others as well, it seems).

    Billings is a great product. But it seems you’ve added a handful of features that only a handful of people can use, and that very steep extra cost does not make sense for the rest of us. I will use billings until you drop support, and then I will be moving on. What a shame.

  141. chris mccoy
  142. me too, i tried on the job, and 4 or 5 other ones, i went with billings, now i guess im stuck with the current version

  143. Chris Hobden
  144. wow this is very disappointing, I have never and will never pay for software as a service.
    I had been on the hunt for a replacement to Photoshop and now I can add Billings to the list 🙁

    do you not care about your freelancers?

  145. Simon
  146. I too am very disappointed with this move. I am a sole practitioner and do not need the Billings Pro features. I spent a lot of time searching or the right system that I thought would be supported into the future. You certainly marketed the system to the smaller standalone customer. As soon as it stops working, I will be looking elsewhere. Thanks for nothing guys.

  147. Maarten
  148. I’m out, and I feel a bit screwed.

    I’ll find another piece of software. Subscription based is o.k. for software that costs $1000 (Adobe), not for something you bought for $40.

  149. aj
  150. Just wanted to clarify. You can indeed continue to use Billings 3.

  151. Jacques
  152. Nothing new to add, but want to add my support for Billing 3. Needless to say I’m very disappointed.

  153. dorys
  154. Adding to the list of frustrated Billings users. I will use this app until it dies and then see what my options are. I don’t need or want a subscription service.

    Very disappointed.

  155. Dan
  156. If Billings Pro included expenses/outgoings management it would be worth it. Until then… No thanks

  157. Johan
  158. I agree with most of the top comments. Billings is what I needed, not Billings Pro. Now you forcing me to look for another product. In my two years that I had billings, I can’t remember once that you brought out an update for it, so why is it a problem to continue support for it. And if and when the OSX version change, do the changes and leave the product to be.

    Many people are happy with Billings as is.

  159. aj
  160. Hi Johan — You can use Billings for as long as it continues to function. Until the next version of OSX ships it is not possible for us to test against it, but as of right now, it seems to be working (10.9 beta 3).

  161. OPA
  162. Also terribly disappointing news. As a small business owner, I’m totally put off by the subcription cloud idea. I’m not willing to pay $199 for self-hosting invoicing software either. Shame. Great software going down a bad road without much thought for the small business owner. I’m looking elsewhere.

  163. Well AJ, looks to me like you have quite and exodus on your hands. Ah yes, greed rears it’s ugly head. Good thing I can’t contact all these unhappy customers, I’d partner with them in helping to find an alternative software that would work for us all….. OK, well good luck AJ… ; >)

  164. Dario
  165. Sorry but it is just a shame !! Many people need just a lite version like before …You will lose many customers …. Please don’t follow adobe !! pay each month !!! I am really sad …and very angry …..

  166. Arturo
  167. As most people here, very disappointed !!!

    I don’t understand why software companies are doing that. This is just greed. At the end people don’t trust you anymore.

    This is the 3rd piece of software that I have used that goes in to subscription mode, and I have already replaced the other ones with new software. I won’t change to your subscription model. Better will try something new.

    I recommended Billings to lots of my friends and clients. I liked the way it was. Now I have to bounce back un-recommending you.

    Very bad, indeed

  168. What is good in Daylight? You buy it and thatì’s all. I was happy to see the iPhone yearly subscriptuon fee go, and now we lose Billings :/
    A very very bad move.

  169. Brendan Underwood
  170. Just thought I’d check to see the current status on Billings App and run into this blog post from over a month ago. I originally bought direct from Marketcircle, why was I not notified about this change. Just to add my ‘me too’ to the disappointment in how you are going to change the Billings lineup. I’ve been a happy customer for many years and now I’ll be looking for a different setup.

    I really do hope you decide to change your stance on this and keep the Billings standalone app.

  171. Emma
  172. Me too. Freelancer, Don’t want my records in the cloud, and was happy with the way things were (and very happy to pay for updates).

    Post if you find a osx replacement which will import the backup.

  173. Peter
  174. +1 on most comments

    Longtime Billings user. Was just about to buy Daylite as wel for my CRMl, but thank’s to these news (that I was not informed of!) and the above comments, I’m thinking twice about it and now checking out the net for alternatives…

  175. Another freelancer here. I’m basically a one-person shop. I work from my laptop, so Billings follows me around wherever I am. I, too, don’t need most — probably all — of the additional features of Billings Pro. When I was shopping for a new time track/account program, if I’d have wanted Billings Pro, I’d have bought it at the time.

    Like others here, I don’t mind paying into the upgrade cycle. However, if I continue to support Billings and Billings Pro, this change is forcing me into a pricing model that I find overly expensive for my needs — even with the discount — for features that I’ve never needed in the first place. I don’t need multiple users, multiple access points, or forced cloud syncing. I can live without an iPad version.

    Despite its flaws and relative lack of support over the last couple of years, what I love about Billings is its power combined with its simplicity — the ease in which I can track time and expenses, then invoice my clients and keep track of that. Apart from that and generating reports, that’s pretty much all I need.

    I switched from QuickBooks Pro to Billings because Billings was easy and did what I need. When Billings no longer works on my Mac, I think I’ll spend the money instead on a QuickBooks Pro update and just learn how to use the thing.

    Thanks for a great piece of software. I wish you success with the new business model. Odds are I’ll be looking for another solution when it’s time to upgrade.


  176. Hans
  177. Just a reply to show the developers I agree with all remarks that have been made. The software worked fine and it being discontinued feels like a loss.

    Only found out because I couldn’t find the MAS version anymore as the update failed to install through MAS (I fixed it by deleting the app and do a reinstall from MAS). Tha got me on Google which presented me with this blog.

    I don’t need Pro, in fact you can slim down the ‘old’ version and remove things like reporting and simplify the project features. I only use it to track time and create invoices! Give us what we paid for (44 Euro’s just over a year ago), a working program which will at least be functional on future versions of Mac OS X.

  178. John
  179. How does your cloud storage model work for people that a residents is countries where by the Tax authority required that financial records are stored in that country?

    Where are your data centres located? How are you dealing with the regulatory and Data storage compliance, which varies world wide?

  180. aj
  181. John,

    What we’ve found is that as long as the tax data and invoice data is available through reports, it is fine.
    Having said that, Billings Pro does have a local copy of the data and we have the Self Serve option.

    Our data center is in Canada at a Tier 1, fully secured facility and all our app communication is fully encrypted.

  182. The missed bet here is that Adobe has a monopoly and thus they can force their customers to pay just about anything. While Billings is a great application, there are many alternatives out there.

    I hope you will reconsider your stance on stopping the development of a desktop application (for confidentiality reasons, I keep all client financial information offline and I’m sure not the only one).

    As it stands, instead of even considering subscribing, I am currently in the process of installing a 10.8 virtual machine in Parallels, looking into the possibility of using a VM of an older Mac OS version with Billings in it for the future.

  183. As a freelancer, what happens when I have 4 clients this month and 6 the next? Do I get 60 invoices a year, or am I stuck to no more than 5 per month?

  184. aj
  185. Glen,

    You can change your subscription for that month and then go back. This is also true for the free account (1 invoice a month).

  186. Jeremy
  187. Why did I have to stumble upon this announcement with a Google search?
    Sorry Marketcircle but I will not the buying a subscription for something that I use periodocially throughout the year. Billings suits me fine and I’ll keep using it until it stops working then find an alternative. A shame, I would have paid for an update but now you won’t get any more money from me.

  188. aj
  189. Jeremy,

    We sent out 4 emails. Unfortunately we may not have email addresses for customers that brought a boxed copy and we do not have the emails of customers that bought through the Mac App Store — Apple doesn’t provide that to us.

    If you use the application occasionally, you can use the free account. It provides for 1 invoice a month while still giving you all the sync/multi-device benefits.

  190. stuartg
  191. As soon as I saw Billings Pro, I knew this day would come!
    It was a nice little luxury for me in addition to my SAGE accounts software. As a two man band (two freelancers) there’s no way we can justify a subscription cost, even at $5.
    I wish everyone at Market circle success with your new venture, but sadly, will be finding an alternative or doing my invoices in a spreadsheet…

    I suspect if you charges $15-$20 a year you might get more takers.

  192. Jeff Kirkland
  193. Wow. What a sad day. I feel completely let down and abandoned.

    I’ve loved using Billings but I’ve no interest in a subscription based service. Just when I was patting myself on the back for having a great system in place, I have to start all over again and find an alternative. Sure i can keep using Billings for now, but there’s no point in waiting until the app no longer launches to jump ship.

    Now the hunt is on for something even remotely as useful as Billings has been…

  194. Tom
  195. Very disappointed. Billings was fine (didn’t need the features from Pro) and I don’t want to pay every month. Sometimes I use it more frequently than other months. Up- and downgrading the subscription is too much of a hassle. So the new model only has disadvantages for me. I’ll use Billings while it’s supported and in the meantime I’ll search for an alternative.

  196. Alesclandre
  197. Same thing here as many others. I LOVE Billings because this is exactly the soft I need.Not more, not less.
    But why would I pay now for the EXACT same thing, for every invoice I send ? And for every quote ?? I will have to think about how much I send ?? No way… The only difference is the cloud. Ok, but I’m in front of my computer all day long…. No need for the cloud for invoices. And I just don’t want my invoices in a place I don’t control.

    Let me say that I pay for Adobe Creative Cloud. But they have a bunch of really great softwares, that have updates almost every month, with a 20GB space in the cloud, with thousands of great typography, subscription to a behance account, and a lot more.
    What do you have ? A software that has not evolved since 5 years (bugs apart), even with Pro version…
    How can you go from 30$ once to these kind of prices ?? Really disappointing….
    Actually, I would have been happy to pay for an update. A real one. But not 5 times more expensive than what I bought in the first place !!….

  198. John P.
  199. Very disappointed in the subscription model. I haven’t been a customer for long (since April of 2013), but I will no longer be once it stops working with the “latest and greatest” version of OS X – or if a better product comes along. Provided this software works on Mavericks, and possibly with the next release of OS X, I’ll have plenty of time to research and find a new piece of software – but it won’t be subscriptionware!

  200. kano
  201. I’m sorry you are doing away with Billings. I did a lot of searching for a one-person-shop app that would help me with time/invoicing. As a freelancer, Billings really gave me the functionality I needed at a price that didn’t break me and in a format I could manage (in an ongoing fashion) easily and simply.

    I won’t be converting to Billings Pro, unfortunately. I get that your market niche is not my kind of business (solo) and wish you the best.

    Back to the drawing board…

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