Success Leaves Clues: Ep 65 with Alykhan Jetha (AJ), Founder, President & CEO at Marketcircle

Our Company / December 8, 2021 / Thanny Schmitz

We’re happy to share with you the episode 65 of the Starting with One Podcast: Success Leaves Clues, featuring our CEO Alykhan Jetha. If you’re looking for a motivation boost, you’re certainly in the right place.

Hosted by Robin Bailey and Al McDonald, founders and managing partners of Aria Benefits and Life & Legacy Advisory Group, the Starting with One Podcast is dedicated to learning the path to success in the entrepreneurial world. This one is extra special to us as Robin and Al have used Daylite for the benefit of their employee benefits and financial management businesses since 2005. 

Image shows three round shape photos side by side horizontal. From left to right, Alykhan Jetha, Robin Bailey and Al McDonald. Title: Starting with One Podcast.

During this insightful conversation, AJ revealed the history behind Marketcircle and the creation of Daylite and how he got his entrepreneurial spirit. He explains that, coming from a family of business owners, he longed for having his own business since he was 10 years old, and that Marketcircle and Daylite are the result of his own necessity of a platform that could organize and boost his consultation business.

AJ also shared the components for generating new ideas: understanding the product and having a challenge. He explains that he asks himself how he can manipulate the product to solve problems or challenges small business owners face, and that’s essentially how he developed his product, which is now award-winning CRM and productivity app Daylite. 

When asked about what advice he has for emerging entrepreneurs, AJ highlights the importance of recognizing that sometimes, having too many processes can create “waste”, which makes you not be able to adapt as fast as you should. 

AJ also takes the opportunity to highlight how having the right people in the right jobs goes a long way and the importance of being resilient, learning from mistakes and moving on. As a bonus, AJ also reveals how he overcomes personal challenges and shares the story of how he became resilient as an entrepreneur. 

Don’t miss out on this episode on the Starting with One Podcast: Success Leaves Clues – Ep 65 with Alykhan Jetha (AJ)if you want to learn more about AJ’s journey as an entrepreneur and CEO of Marketcircle, creators of Daylite. 

About the author: Thanny Schmitz is a seasoned copywriter and content strategist passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. With over a decade of experience, Thanny has been behind insightful articles and blogs that inform and spark meaningful conversations within the ever-evolving spheres of tech and small business success.

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