Switching Made Easy!

Scaling / November 12, 2008 / Ryan

With more people coming to Daylite from ACT! than any other application, we decided we needed to step up our efforts in gaining PC switchers – after all, about 50% of our new users have migrated from the PC world.

We’ve created a “switcher pagededicated to educating and assisting PC users in making the move to an all Mac office.

The page offers resources to new Mac users to help them get up to speed, as well as the details about how their ACT! business data can be easily seamlessly imported into Daylite. You’ll have a chance to read success stories from companies that have made the switch from PC-based offices using ACT!, to an all Mac office running Daylite. We’ve even thrown in a few of our favourite Apple commercials to lighten things up.

Two new training videos were in order; one giving new users a General Daylite Overview, and another showing you how your ACT! data will look in Daylite.

If you haven’t yet – it’s time to make the switch.

Ryan Cash

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