Sync Services

Scaling / June 28, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

The time has come. Daylite with Sync Services support will go into beta on Friday or Saturday.

Making a multi-user system work with the inherently single user Sync Services has been challenging. For example, User A has an important shared contact on his/her iPhone and User B also has that contact on her iPhone. She then deletes that contact on her iPhone. After both users synchronize, User A would no longer have that contact. You can imagine that User A would be mighty upset. But with Daylite 3.5 all they have to do is go into the new Trash and restore the contact – even if it was deleted days or weeks ago!

This is just one example of the kinds of changes we had to do in order to support Sync Services properly. There are all kinds of “under the hood” changes.

If you are comfortable beta testing, please sign up as soon as possible. Read the terms and follow the link on the Daylite Beta page to get on the mailing list. People on the list will get an email when the beta starts.

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