Take Advantage of the Loyalty Plan Before It’s Too Late

Our Company / December 20, 2019 / Kristie

When we announced our goodbye to Daylite Self Serve in 2018, we also introduced the discounted Loyalty Plan for customers migrating from Self Serve to Daylite Cloud.

daylite icon inside clam shell as pearl

It’s now time to also say goodbye to the Loyalty Plan, which will no longer be available as of February 29th, 2020.

If you haven’t yet moved to Daylite Cloud, you have until February 29th, 2020 to make the move and take advantage of the discounted Loyalty Plan!

If you’ve already moved to Daylite Cloud and are on the Loyalty Plan, your plan will not change and you will continue to receive a discount for the life of your Daylite account.

Move to Daylite Cloud today and experience Mail for the iPhone and iPad, over 1000 integrations with other apps, and never having to deal with managing a server again!

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