The Approval Workflow in Billings Pro

Quick Tips / September 29, 2014 / Kristie

One more way that Billings Pro helps you to ensure your clients are billed accurately is through the approval workflow. Billings Pro allows you to set up predetermined hourly rates and mileage so that all your contractors or employees have to do is enter in their time. When workers add slips through the Mac, iPhone or iPad or track time through timecard, you can set an approver for the project in Billings Pro. This way, after they have entered their slip details, you are able to approve or modify each slip before invoicing. This is a final check point to make sure that your clients are billed accurately and you catch any errors in the descriptions, rates, or time.


The approval workflow also helps you to understand what’s going on in your business. You can view the billable hours of your contractors or employees so you know where their time is spent. Even if you charge your clients a fixed fee, it’s helpful to track your time and expenses on your projects to see if your pricing may need adjustments in the future.

A common scenario where the approval workflow is beneficial is if an employee’s rate changes. You may renegotiate the billing rate for a contractor during a project and need to adjust this. You can easily do this by editing the slip after it has already been sent for approval.


For multiple slips that need to be adjusted you can bulk edit slips on the Mac by holding down the shift or command key and selecting the slips you want to edit, and choose “Edit Slips” from the File menu. This saves you time from having to go into each slip and editing the same information.

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