Thinking of upgrading to Daylite Cloud?

Our Company / October 6, 2016 / Kristie

Are you using an older version of Daylite and thinking about upgrading to Daylite Cloud? Now is a great time because our Early Bird Upgrade Plan won’t last forever!

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The Early Bird promo offer is only available until December 31, 2016. Book your migration date before December 31st to take advantage of this 29% discount.

With the Early Bird plan, your plan is honoured for as long as you use Daylite. Any additional team members you add in the future will also get this price.

Benefits of upgrading to Daylite Cloud:

Say bye-bye to managing a server

Daylite Cloud eliminates the need for a server. No more networking, backups, or needing to deal with a server on another Mac/Mac mini.

“After testing Daylite Cloud, I just realized that that whole side of operating Daylite had just vanished in thin air. Poof! Now I just focus on the Daylite’s client aspects and don’t have to even think anymore about server, sync, backup, etc.”
Vincent Goalard, International Pharma Services

Faster syncing

We’ve adjusted the structure of the cloud backend so that it requires less connections or “talking” to each other for those changes to happen. This makes your regular day-to-day syncing significantly faster – up to 3 times in most cases.

More integration options

Daylite Cloud has an open API that gives you flexible options to share information outside of Daylite and build custom workflows to integrate with the other apps you use. Daylite Cloud also integrates with Zapier to make integrating with other popular apps possible without you needing to hire a developer.

Learn more about Daylite & Zapier integration here.

Add users easily

Inviting more team members to Daylite is much simpler with Daylite Cloud. Just log in to your Account Manager, click the button to invite a team member, and they’ll be sent an email. Once they accept the invitation they just need to download the app and log in.

Access all your data on demand

Need to pull up a document or email linked to a project from over two years ago? No problem. With Daylite Cloud all your data can be accessed when you need it. Just search, tap, and it downloads straight from the cloud to your iPhone or iPad.

Be on the latest version

With Daylite Cloud you’re always on the newest version. This ensures compatibility with Apple’s latest release of MacOS and iOS. It also means you get the latest features at no extra cost.

Manage your to-dos, schedule, and clients better with new features in Daylite 6

  • Flexible Task Lists for grouping and re-ordering tasks within Projects and Opportunities
  • Create and update to-dos faster now with tasks always in edit mode
  • Sort tasks quickly by team member, Category, or Keyword with Smart Task Filtering

Watch what you can do with tasks in Daylite 6:

  • See what’s coming up months in advance with the colour-coded Year View
  • Check your schedule from anywhere in the app with the Mini Calendar

Take a peek at the new calendaring features:

  • Filter People, Companies, Projects, Tasks, and Opportunities on iPhone & iPad
  • Call or FaceTime from your Mac
  • Open addresses in Maps
  • and much more

Check out the What’s New page to learn about more of the new features in Daylite 6. Visit our upgrading page to take advantage of our 29% early bird discount, while it lasts.

Have questions? Contact our team.

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