Top 3 Advantages Business Owners Are Gaining After Going Cloud

Our Customers / September 18, 2017 / Kristie

While these businesses work in different industries and different areas of the globe, they all share one goal in common – more focus on their business and less on managing things that eat up time.

Here is a look at 3 different businesses and their stories about why they made the move to Daylite Cloud and the advantages they’ve gained.


Faster Syncing & Less Downtime

Edward Hölsken and his team realized that when adding up all the apps and services they managed themselves, it ate up a lot of time. He also felt like syncing on Self-Serve was a constant struggle and so was updating the Server.  Their IT guys had to manage the update to make sure no data was lost during the update and then chase people around to make sure they updated as well. Edward and his team wanted to manage fewer services so they could focus their time on doing more important things.

When the hard drive failed on his Server computer, syncing stopped working. This caused Edward and his team to lose two days of work while dealing with the chaos of getting things back up and running. Since moving to Daylite Cloud, Edward noticed syncing is much better, and now his team can avoid wasting downtime and focus more on their jobs.

Company: Creative Media Network
Location: The Netherlands
Number of people using Daylite: 15


Less Stress & More Time

As a busy CEO that doesn’t have an IT person, Carol Scholes used to feel unnecessary stress because she had to manage her Daylite Server and make sure it was always syncing.  Whenever there was a problem with the Server, she had to take time away from her important work to fix it. At times it took her the entire day to fix things when something went wrong.

Now that Carol has moved to Cloud, she doesn’t have to worry about the Server anymore, and she can focus more on running her business.

Company: Threshold Management & Coaching
Location: New Zealand
Number of people using Daylite: 1


Smoother Syncing with Your Team

For Max Black and his team, staying in sync is critical. When one team member updates the calendar, the rest need to know right away. With Self-Serve, Max describes syncing as “okay” but remote syncing required a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting. Max wanted to make sure his team was always in sync and after moving to Daylite Cloud, he’s noticed syncing is much better.

Company: Max Black Real Estate
Location: United States
Number of people using Daylite: 5



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