Track Time in Daylite with the Daylite Timer from Lgo Knowledge

Our Company / April 18, 2019 / JD

Are you trying to keep track of time in Daylite? Would you like to know exactly how much time you’re spending on something? 

LGO Knowledge, the Daylite Expert, is looking for beta testers to give their newest Daylite Add-on, Daylite Timer, a shakedown, helping to report bugs and streamline the workflow.

Your time is important. Every minute you spend doing one thing you never get back and you want to make sure you’re making the most of it. When you track how much time you spend in one place, your business will become more productive, more inefficient, and be better at assessing what projects are worth your time.

 Lgo Knowledge wants to help you achieve exactly this, and that’s why they are looking for testers and feedback for the Daylite Timer.

If you’re interested in trying this beta, and giving feedback on the Daylite Timer add-on, sign up for the beta from LGO Knowledge here.

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