Track your calls, keep your promises

Quick Tips / October 21, 2013 / Kristie

Ring ring! When you’re talking to dozens of people in a day it’s hard to remember what you talked about with each person and what you promised to accomplish after each phone call. Tracking calls is a good habit to get into. This can be helpful for two main reasons.


  1.  Reason numero uno: So you can make sure you’re following up and booking necessary appointments based on your calls. When you’ve been playing phone tag and finally track someone down to set up an appointment, the last thing you want to do is to forget to make that appointment! The same goes for making promises when you’re on the phone with a client so you don’t forget to fulfill that promise (ie. forgetting to send a document or forward an e-mail).
  2. Reason number two (but certainly not less important): Tracking calls allows you to see where you’re spending your time. It can be helpful to see how much time in your day is spent generating new business vs. time spent doing other work. Being able to track calls and compare how your time is spent can be helpful with projecting new goals for your company by studying correlations between the two. If X amount of time spent on calls generates X amount of dollars from leads, then you know how much of your time should be devoted to calls based on what financial goals you have set.

It’s important to track your calls because unlike an e-mail, there isn’t a written reminder of what was discussed or what plans were made. Daylite makes it easy to track leads. By creating a task or a note in Daylite when you receive or make a call, you can jot down notes about that call so you remember what was said. We’re humans after all, we can’t remember every detail of every conversation we have! Thankfully, with Daylite you can create a history of all your calls with detailed notes and reminders so you never forget what was discussed with a client, or what you need to do for them as a result of that call. Daylite is the Mac contact management software that remembers for you!

Watch this video to learn about tracking your calls with notes, tasks, or both! There’s also helpful add-ons like FoneConnector that integrates your inbound and outbounds calls with Daylite.

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