Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition!

Our Company / December 24, 2013 / Kristie

Christmas time means a lot of great things…spending time with family and friends, enjoying delicious holiday meals, and sporting festive holiday attire! Ugly Christmas Sweater parties have become a fun new way to enforce the holiday theme. While some are lucky enough to receive festive vests and holiday sweaters from family members, others find themselves rummaging through thrift stores and making their own crafty sweaters. This year Marketcircle decided to have our first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition.

The participant list was a little bleaker than the Halloween Costume Contest, but competitors were excited none the less about winning the traditional trophy!



Even though the list of participants was smaller than expected, the judges still had a very difficult decision to make. After seeing each contestant’s sweater and a brief musical number or description about their sweater, the judges met to discuss who deserved to win the MC Traditional Trophy and take the name of Marketcircle Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Winner!

Asim was awarded the runner up prize, which some suspected was due to the extra points awarded for having “MC ROCKS” creatively embellished on his sweater.

christmas-sweater-runnerup copy


The judges came to a unanimous agreement that the 1st prize should be awarded to Kristie for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition on account of most the ugliest and most creative. There were rumours that one of the contestants was less than satisfied with the results of the competition. Better luck next year!



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