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Upcoming Daylite Training Class March 6th & 7th in Sydney

News & Events  February 23, 2017  JD Mckenzie

If you’re in the Sydney area and looking to learn more about Daylite, check out PureMac’s upcoming training event March 6th  & 7th.


This paid training session offers you a comprehensive 2 full day program where you can develop and enhance your Daylite skills. This hands-on session, lead by the Australian Marketcircle Regional Partner, Adrian Treahy, focusses on delivering core skills and competencies to both new and experienced Daylite users.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Daylite concepts
  • Creating Contacts & Organization
  • Scheduling Appointments and Using the Calendar
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Working with Projects
  • Working with the Daylite & E-Mail (DMA)
  • And Many more topics

Interested in this event or future events with PureMac? Register events and training on PureMac’s website.

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