Upcoming Training Events in Sydney & Melbourne

Our Company / October 27, 2014 / Kristie

PureMac is leading in-class training classes for Billings Pro starting November 7th in Sydney and November 12th in Melbourne, as well as training classes for Daylite 5 starting November 6th.

Mastering Billings Pro
This 4 hour training class covers various strategies for effective use of Billings Pro for Australian businesses, payment tracking and accounting processes, and integration with other applications such as Daylite and MoneyWorks.

Course Content:

  • Overview of Billings Pro & Interface
  • Billings Pro Database Setup
  • Working with Slips & Blueprints
  • Working with Contacts
  • Quoting & Invoicing
  • Working with Retainers
  • Managing Payments
  • Billings Pro on the iPhone/iPad & Timecard
  • Billings Pro Templates & Reports
  • Billings Pro Integration

The price of the class is $299 and if you register before November 3rd you get the early bird special price of $225 with the promo code: masterbp711

Mastering Daylite 5
This full day class is geared towards new to intermediate Daylite users that want to develop and enhance their Daylite skills.

Course Content:

  • Overview of Daylite Concepts & INterface
  • Creating Contacts and Organizations
  • Scheduling Appointments and Using the Calendar
  • Creating Linked Objects
  • Smarter Workflows with Daylite
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Working with Projects
  • Working with Daylite & Email (Daylite Mail Assistant)
  • Getting the Right Data Out – Smart Lists, Live Lists, and Reports
  • Effective Customer Communication with Daylite

This class costs $499 or $399 with the early bird special if purchased by October 28th with the promo code: masterdl611

For more information about these classes and to download the complete program overview, visit PureMac’s website.

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