[UPDATE] Migrating MobileMe to iCloud

Scaling / October 14, 2011 / Ryan

We’ve done some research into the MobileMe to iCloud migration feature (which was not apart of the iCloud Developer Beta).

We have a couple of findings on the Daylite front:

  1. If you do not turn off Address Book sync in Daylite, you will indeed get duplicates
  2. Once you’ve migrated your contacts to iCloud, those contacts no longer participate in Sync Services, thus there is no sync happening between your Daylite contacts and your iCloud contacts

How to get around these:

  1. In Daylite, go to the preferences and turn off contact synchronization before you migrate from MobileMe to iCloud. Once migrated, do not turn on contact synchronization, otherwise, you will get duplicates.
  2. We know that the great majority of our users use Address Book sync to get Caller ID functionality and for address, email, phone completion in various other apps (i.e. Mail). You can accomplish this with iCloud by exporting your desired contacts from Daylite as vCards and importing them into Address Book in your iCloud group. Periodically, you can re-export your contacts from Daylite and re-import them in Address Book. From our testing, Address Book seems to detect duplicates fine. Be careful not to replace or overwrite records that have been edited in Address Book.
  3. To get new contacts from Address Book on your iPhone into Daylite, use the new “Import iOS Contact” in Daylite Touch. On your Mac, use the “Import vCard” menu.

We fully understand that having access to your Daylite contact and calendar data outside the Daylite ecosystem is important and we are working towards a long term solution.

For Billings and Billings Pro, the migration from MobileMe to iCloud has no noticeable effect as far as we can tell (we do not use Sync Services in those apps).

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