Elevate Email with Fully Updated Daylite Mail Assistant for macOS Sonoma

Product Updates / May 31, 2024 / Daylite Team

It’s here: the completely updated Daylite Mail Assistant extension for Apple Mail on macOS Sonoma – and it comes with some fun new features that we think you’ll love!

Capturing information from your inbox to use in Daylite is now better than ever. Here is everything you need to know about what has changed and how you can choose to upgrade.

A new-and-improved customer favourite

For quite some time, Daylite Mail Assistant has ranked as one of our most popular features. Over the years, we’ve heard from many of you just how important it is to your daily workflow, bringing over into Daylite all the key details that were once stuck inside your inbox. It’s a massive time-saver to be able to update Daylite records – Contacts, Tasks, Appointments, Opportunities, Projects – while reading the latest email. And just as crucially, all those Daylite records then include the email for context, with a complete history of client communications.

The updated Daylite Mail Assistant is necessary because the latest macOS Sonoma – in addition to many exciting updates – discontinued support for external plug-ins like the legacy Daylite Mail Assistant, and replaced them with MailKit Extensions.

The upshot is this: The new Daylite Mail Assistant is a MailKit extension fully compatible with Sonoma and all future macOS updates.

How to get the new Daylite Mail Assistant extension for macOS Sonoma

The new version of Daylite Mail Assistant is only available by downloading Daylite directly from our website.

Download Daylite + Mail Assistant for macOS

If you installed Daylite from the Mac App Store, your version of Daylite does not include Daylite Mail Assistant for Apple Mail. Read this support article to find out how to easily:

  1. Check which build of Daylite for Mac you have; and
  2. Switch to the “Direct” build of Daylite

Remember to grant access to Daylite Mail Assistant

Once you have the latest direct version of Daylite, the Mail Assistant extension will need to be turned on and given permission to access Apple Mail. Here’s how:

  1. Open Apple Mail and go to Settings > Extensions.
  2. Click the checkbox beside Daylite Mail Assistant and confirm your choice in the alert that pops up by clicking Turn On.

It’s quite straightforward, but you can always refer to complete step-by-step instruction for how to install Daylite Mail Assistant.

A new feature in Daylite Mail Assistant

The biggest upgrade is that you now have multiple options for where to position the Daylite Mail Assistant panel in Apple Mail: on the right as usual, but now also on the left, or even as a floating window!

This offers you flexibility to configure Apple Mail with the Daylite Mail Assistant the way that best suits your workflow.

Using Daylite Mail Assistant when composing or replying

While we have diligently replicated nearly every feature and function of the legacy version, the new Daylite Mail Assistant extension does come with one change: the Assistant panel does not automatically appear composing an email.

Instead, when replying or composing a new message, simply click the Daylite Icon in the toolbar to show the Daylite Mail Assistant pop-up.

Screenshot of Daylite Mail Assistant extension for Apple Mail showing Compose feature.

Select your preference

While we will continue improving the new Daylite Mail Assistant extension for Apple Mail, no switch is necessary until you install macOS Sonoma (or later).

Also, we now offer Daylite for Outlook, so that’s an option too!

Here are how the three versions currently compare:

Get Started with the new Daylite Mail Assistant

Thank you for your patience as we made these updates. If you have been waiting to upgrade to macOS, you can now move ahead with confidence that your Daylite Mail Assistant will continue to streamline your daily workflow.

To get started, make sure you have the latest version directly from our website, and refer to this article for step-by-step installation instructions.

As always, if you have any questions or need a hand, our dedicated Support Team is here to help!

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