Webinar: 5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales Team’s Efficiency

Our Company / March 1, 2021 / Kristie

To grow your business, you need to be consistently bringing in new business and closing deals. But bringing in new leads and managing deals efficiently can be a challenge.

For every new potential deal, there’s multiple follow-ups that need to happen, sometimes calls, proposals, negotiations, etc. The more deals you have, the harder it gets to stay on top of each deal and often what happens is you start forgetting to follow up with leads you haven’t been in touch with and you leave business on the table.

Further, as your sales team grows, it gets even harder to stay on top of deals and manage your sales process efficiently.

In this upcoming webinar on March 24th at 11am ET, we’re partnering up with TextExpander to share tips and best practices to help improve your sales team’s efficiency so you can close more deals and grow your business.

5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales Team's Efficiency webinar

Key topics we’ll be covering

  • Optimizing your sales funnel using messaging and targeting
  • Improving lead conversion with repeatable and efficient processes 
  • Building customer relationships through personalization and organization
  • Tools to help streamline your sales team and crush more deals

Meet your hosts

Victor Martinez
Sales Development, Smile

Aprile Petralito
Customer Success Specialist, Marketcircle

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