Webinar: 7 Critical IT Security Protections Every Law Firm Must Have

Our Company / June 16, 2015 / Kristie

Many of our customers are in the legal industry and maintaining security is a high priority. By ignoring the risks of security threats, you could be exposing yourself to security breaches, damaging and expensive litigation, employment lawsuits and having confidential company information exposed to competitors, hackers, and cybercriminals.

On Thursday June 18th, one of our Marketcircle Experts, Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMac IT is holding an invitation-only executive webinar for Managing Partners and Office Managers of Mac-Based law firms. Although attendance is limited to 75 people, Marketcircle has arranged to reserve a block for our customers to get a VIP seat.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • Alarming news about NEW cybersecurity threats.
  • What you’re at risk of losing by ignoring these threats.
  • The #1 security threat to your practice that antivirus, firewalls, and other security protocols are defenseless against.
  • A SHOCKING truth about bank fraud that most law firms don’t know about that could (literally) wipe out your bank account.
  • Why firewalls and antivirus software give you a false sense of security – and what it REALLY takes to protect your organization against new threats and today’s sophisticated cybercrime rings.

Click here to get the full details and register for this webinar.

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