What Girl Power Means to Us

Our Company / March 8, 2022 / Thanny Schmitz

Since 1911, International Women’s Day has been celebrated every March 8th. It is a day when women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements are observed and highlighted across the world and marks a call to action for gender equality.

What makes Women’s Day so impactful worldwide is the collective action and shared ownership for women’s equality that comes from all sources, people, experiences, and perspectives.

To honour and celebrate this International Women’s Day, we – the women from Marketcircle – decided to take over the narrative and ask ourselves, “What does GIRL POWER mean to us?”. Here are our answers, coming from women who tenaciously harnessed their passion to not only achieve their own goals, but to empower and inspire other women.

Image shows 15 round shape photos side by side and broken down into three lines of 5, each photo of a woman that works at Marketcircle, makers of Daylite. Title reads "Happy International Women's Day"

Carolyn | Sales Team Manager

“It’s challenging the status quo and being comfortable with failure as it’s an opportunity for growth. It’s finding peace with “no” and prioritizing your needs over society’s expectations. It’s making space to say “yes” to an opportunity that inspires and challenges you. Expect more, ask more questions and keep an open mind. It’s choosing to surround yourself with people that inspire and lead with empowerment and empathy.” 

Elizabeth | Human Resources Executive

“Girl power = harnessing your passion and power to live your best life.”

Gillian | Customer Service Manager

“It means celebrating the achievements of tough, ambitious, kick-ass women! It’s also about challenging the assumptions about women and empowering women to raise and share their voices.”

Irene | QA Analyst

“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. So push yourself and follow your dreams because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Jacqueline | Partner Coordinator

“Empowerment to me is beautifully articulated with this quote: “She silently stepped out of the race she never wanted to be in, found her own lane and proceeded to win” – Unknown. Empowerment comes from knowing what you want and not being afraid to go after it.”

Jasmine | Executive Assistant

“To me, girl power means that all the obstacles you have overcome make you stand taller, speak louder and make you the gold medal winner.”

Julia | Customer Service Representative

“To me, being a woman means finding my own voice, being assertive in my convictions, not apologizing for being myself. As our role in society has thankfully been re-defined in the last few decades, one thing will never change, and that is what being a mother means to me. Women will always have the most important job in the World.”

Kerry | Software Developer

“Girl power means gender identity not dictating destiny.”

Meesha | Customer Success Coordinator

“Girl power to me means being confident in your strength and capabilities. It’s also supporting other women and carrying a positive energy in everything you do.”

Megan | Operations Manager

“Be too much. Be loud. Be opinionated. Be supportive. Be strong. Don’t settle for anything less than your worth, and don’t hesitate to support others on your way.”

Mehreen | Technical Support Representative

“Girl power to me means being an independent and empowered woman ready to take on the world.”

Preeti | Technical Support Representative

“Girl power is breaking ancient bias and seeking equality on all the paths of life. Is having our voices heard, not ignored, our leadership respected and accepted, and knowing that we make a difference.”

Roxy | Customer Service Representative

“Girl Power encourages and celebrates what it means to be a woman. Having the confidence, strength and independence to live your life as you see fit.”

Thanny | Content Marketing Coordinator

“We’re so blessed for the women that came before us. They paved the way for us to shine and keep fighting for equality. We are equal, and we are one. #GirlPower.”

Tucky | Senior Marketing Manager

“Break the stereotype. Being a woman doesn’t mean we need to get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. We have the power to be our own Queen, build our own castle, even without a prince charming.”

We hope our thoughts on Girl Power and on being a woman inspire and empower you to take action and acknowledge International Women’s Day.

We’d like to invite you to visit the International Women’s Day official website to learn more about its history and for resources on how you can take action to foster and encourage women’s empowerment worldwide.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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